Women's World Cup Final

USA up 2-0 after 5 mins, Carli Lloyd with both goals. Rubbish defending from Japan from two set pieces.

Ah for fucks sake

4-0. Holiday with a superbly executed volley after more defensive shambles from Japan. Lloyd with her hat trick from the halfway line and now almost got her fourth.

Nips’ lack of height telling against them.

Keeper was funny for the goal from half way.

Game on

Swords being sharpened in the Japanese dressing room.

They’ve been ripped apart by Uncle Samurai.

4-2 Hopeless effort from Hope Solo

5-2 goal fest now.

The trophy itself if fairly underwhelming. Would almost lost on the mantelpiece.

It was 5/1 USA win and both teams to score apparently

Yeeeeesssss. 10 points from 12 now for the wonderful young women in green.

All roads lead to Tallaght Stadium on Tuesday for the crunch clash with Holland.

Megan Rapinoe is taking charge of the World Cup in the way no player has done since Diego Maradona in 1986

USA lead France 2-0 in the quarter-final

Just had a goal disallowed to make it 3-0

France are pulling the old Jack Charlton tactic - they’re bringing on Cascarino to try and salvage something

George Hamilton on commentary

France have pulled one back

Free kick swung in towards Cascarino but Wendy Renard takes advantage of some terrible marking to head home from 10 yards

France 1-2 USA after 82 minutes

VAR correctly avoided there

If that’s handball, the game is gone

Defender’s arm never flinched

Agree with you in principle but these are been called all through the tournament .

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Lovely first touch by Cascarino

Not often George has been able to say that in his career

Is she one of Tony’s offspring ? He fair play the field during his goal scoring spree in France :fr: