Workshop for Dealers - Where to source your supply from

The Elephant in the room. Was on a stag this past weekend and for the 3rd time in 6 months have heard extensive anecdotal evidence that cocaine and other drugs are rampant in GAA club’s all over the country, including some well known ones. Cork GAA seems to be particularly bad.

Will Dónal Óg, Conor and the likes of Séamie fucking Hickey be on the airwaves regarding this? Will they fuck…

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More a problem with young people in general rather than just in GAA clubs I’d imagine although I do agree it is becoming a lot more widespread in club GAA

So you’d have non GAA people calling to the GAA clubhouse for their personal?


Sweep sweep

This is obviously an untapped market mate, kaching.

Not sure what this has to do with the GAA, but it would seem that there is a huge rise in it over the past couple of years alright.

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Was huge 2004-2008 and then crash came.

Was not sure it had come back again so strongly.

Anybody doing it in Ireland is being mugged off good and proper.


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I was at a wedding Saturday night and the place was white with coke


It wasn’t a spot of frost by any chance?


I was off my head and banged a big fat one in the jacks


Thats a good wedding right there.

Oh fellas can play the whole “that’s society in general” card if they want but if 8 or 9 of a Senior Club Hurling or Football team are regular cocaine users and openly speak about it so much so that the dogs on the street know it I think it then becomes an issue for the club/organisation to deal with.

Jesus the NAP boys really went to town on the celebrations.


You fuckin junkie in denial

Calm down snowflake.

I’d look further south if I was you…