World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


bollocks… himself and Kane are 6/1 jf on most books


Gabriel? 6-1 bet365


the most you’ll get on outright top scorer for him is 16-1.


I’m going with the dodgy refereeing too. Will be punting them to get penalties and for the opposition to get red cards.


Thinking of Cavani for top scorer 25/1
Could have a field day against the Saudis and egyptians


Pardon my ignorance, if I was to have 500 on Germany to get out of the group what would it return at those odds?


A little less than 50 quid.


Fucking hell, are you hoping somebody has 50 grand on it so?


Who’s giving that?


I think he got odds on the baby Jesus


Soz - got mugged off on this


:grinning: 50/1 for Brazil’s top scorer in qualifying seemed generous alright.


Brazil to win and Jesus to be top scorer is 50/1.


havent really looked at this yet but i did Morocco to get out of their group @5/1 earlier in the year
ill take a proper look soon


Brazil and Germany to win all their group games - 19/2
Panama to concede more than 9 goals - 20/1
Brazil, France and Germany to win their group games - 12/1


Who are in Brazil and Germany’s groups


Here you go mo chara


morocco and serbia should be followed- two form sides- the serbs could implode if some lad is caught not singing the anthem like under Mihaijlovic a few years back or they could get it togther, their keeper Raijkovic from MacTA is a weakness tho, they have the best player in last season’s PL Luca Milivoijevic from Palace and Matic in the their middle and Tadic and that lunatic who was at newcastle whose name escapes me is in riotous form up front,
well well worth a punt to get to Q.Fs

im not sure about germany
that booing of Gundogan the other night, they looked jaded v Saudi in a game i watched as i love friendlies,
I dunno


Tough groups


there will be some truly awful games in the groups