World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


What bookies


Haven’t time to look for something but Maguire will surely get awarded a penno for getting mauled at set-pieces before long.


Hack, my pretties, hack!


It was 365. Sorry only seeing this now mate. 2/4 already up.


Not sure how the penalty wasn’t a yellow.


English hand ball… Should have been a yellow for England


How many corners and cards so far


Another one there anyway


3 cards I believe. 2 Panama, 1 England.


How are the cards going lads?


3 for Panama, 1 for England


How many corners?

Edit just 3


Colombia - 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 enhanced to 5/2 on Boyles


Colombia to score in both halves and have 3 corners or more in each half. 16/1


I fancy a Peno to be awarded in the Poland/Columbia game 7/4


If it’s Colombia v England and England are favorites I will be lumping it on to Colombia, €100+.
I have a question though - if Colombia win in extra time or penalties is my bet still good. Would something like “Colombia no draw” be better in case of penalties?


Colombia to qualify.


Colombia to Qualify would be available but shorter odds than Colombia win


What’s the best price in the village for Belgium to bate England?


Do they want to win?