World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


I’m sure they do.


Anyone on Harry Kane to be top scorer?


How many goals and cards do we have so far? I can’t find it anywhere


England 10-1 to win it out is a smashing price


A smashing lay price you’re not wrong.


Their group?


So taking bookie odds, this is how the second round shakes out. I’m also very loosely predicting favourites and assuming no surprises in 2nd round and quarters.

If this holds up, what stands out to me is that:

  1. Whoever comes second in England’s group has a really nice path to a semi final.
  2. Winner of Spain/Portugal group, not a bad path.
  3. France, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, winner of England group, 2nd of Spain/Portugal are all set to be on one side of the draw. Horrible path.


85 goals, 97 cards


This is how I see it going from here on in.


I think Russia will beat Portugal if they meet.

No problems with the rest.


@The_Selfish_Giant does it again


cash out?


Uruguay getting no love after their win today to get a seemingly handier draw, 25/1 outright still available, im going in again!!!


Came in to specifically post about this. They were 22/1 yesterday and after swatting Russia aside with ease they’re pushed out a few points. Makes no sense.

Also @rocko, that Chrome keyboard thing is still happening even when the address bar shows


i just dont think they are a good side really and 25+ etc is about right


great call
hope you made a fortune


Aren’t they likely to be on same side as France, Brazil and Germany now?


France, Brazil and Germany arent on the same side of the draw


They will be if Mexico get a point against Sweden. Spain likely to avoid all the big guns until the final. England probably better off finishing second.


Draw it out for me there