World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


If you are asking a question like that you should keep your money in your pocket


Thanks for the curmudgeon take on it. Choosing to ignore you and have risked a full €5 on it.


That’s a savage bet.




Easy money - cheers kid


Sweden to Qualify, Berg to score, over 2 goals. 14/1. Simples.


Mad basted. I did Sweden to win one nil -@9-1


Nearly made it but we got our money’s worth


Croatia 5/2 to beat England in normal time or 5/4 to advance. Thoughts gents? @mickee321


Wishful thinking


I’ve just had a read back at the posts that followed my assertion that England were a good price at 16-1, funny to see the self professed experts so sure they’d do fuck all


I think England will have way too much for them.


Throw up the ould post where you said that and we’ll give you a good old Internet pat on the back.


It was an amazing post.


It’s not about me, mate


Go on. Don’t be shy


Nothing to do with you, mate,
Nobody ever accused you of being an expert on soccer, not even yourself I’d say


I had a quick scan of the earlier part of the thread and can’t find the post where you called out 16/1 as being great value. Could you bump it up for me there so I can give you the e-kudos you deserve? Maybe even a ronnyroar emoji for good measure.


Croatia at 5/4 at first glance is very fair in my opinion. would you really want your shirt on england at 4/7 to qualify for a world cup final against modric, rakitic, vida, perisic et al.


france 6/4, england 13/10 is a nice double