World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


i dont think their display v Argentina was rated at all by anybody really @Bandage, well maybe by me, the focus on that game was how poor argentina were and i deemed that to be most unfair on the croats who controlled the game and did what they had to do rather clinically to what was put in front of them
their games v nigeria which they dominated and iceland ( a dead rubber for them but their second string were always comfortable against deplorably poor opposition who huffed and puffed) were just dominant performances really
last night they were poor - especially in the last 20 where they lost their way entirely , and i honestly think they wouldnt be the only team to get like that versus a very tenacious denmark.
the draw they have always stood out to me and with spain gone, they have a right chance of making that final


Did the neymar lukaku anytime double @4s
Also did William from outside the box @9s.

Gonna wait about 20mins and do Brazil minus 1 or brazil/brazil


Where are all my detractors now :pint: :pint:


long gone at this stage mate


Anyone tell me how many goals and cards there’s been so far? @Blake?


143 goals, 178 cards


Need 58 goals from 10 games. It’s fair to say that won’t happen.


Is there no 3rd/4th Play Off?


There is a 3rd place play off


2 last 16 games
4 quarter finals
2 semi finals


VAR to be used 2+ times - 7/1.

Better chance of it being used with a US ref?


Presume this is in by now.

Vardy to come on and score 11/1


I need 5 yellows a game in the final 8 games to make the yellows bet stick.

Probably unlikely but the bet has added extra entertainment to an already cracking tournament.


4/1 now


What price Brazil?


The way the majority of my World Cup bets have unfolded I’d say it would have been cheaper for me to go to Russia




That’s the value


i never understood the term “value” bet, - its almost like a term thats used to placate a brave looser
“i backed sweden at 25/1 to win the world cup - they only need to get over england and croatia to reach a final- great value in that”- yeah there probably might be at 1/3 EW1,2 but in reality 25/1 is probably a fair enough price to throw away 20 quid

croatia belgium final at 12/1 powers is one ive been at since the groups - 34, 33s now 12s, maybe “value”,


One from Boyles caught my eye.

Griezmann or Mbappe to Score (v Uruguay in 90 Mins) (Was 4/6) - World Cup Knockout Special

Are Uruguay expected to go hyper-defensive?