World Cup Betting Thread


I think the Argies will win it out. 9/1 is too big.


Poor in midfield and old in defence is how I read them mate?


Most world cup sides are very experienced. Italies squad in 06 was nearly all in the late 20s early 30s, spain had a good mix in 2010 and even germany last time were back boned by Klose, Lahm and Schweinsteiger who were all in their 30s too.

They’ve a far superior manager this time around but mainly they’ve got messi, aguero and dybala who can all produce individual moments of genius to win these games. These tournament knockout games tend to be close affairs often decided by a mistake. Don’t think any other side has the mix of experience and individual quality like they do.

They’ll likely be facing the aussies or denmark for a last eight position.


France could be the first African team to win the World Cup :smiley:


Dybala probably won’t be there. Argentina are fairly poor and will need Messi to go to an even higher level to have any chance. I think Spain will win it


Didn’t realise Senegal had so many well known players. Colombia will probably top that group but not an awful bet


Thiago and Isco is a very interesting midfield combination. They have the best goalkeeper and Ramos.
I think Spain lack something special up front. Hardly any players in their squad have 20+ goals.

I think player for player France are the strongest European squad but I don’t know if I trust them to pick the right team. Also their inexperienced and haven’t gotten over the line recently. Also, who’s their best centre-half, Laurent Koscielny?

Christian Eriksen might be a decent outside bet for golden boot. Greizman alternatively.


A problem might be Ramos and Pique hating each other.


France have a collection of absolute mercenaries. At the first sign of adversity they’ll fold.


Kante has to start, maybe even be captain. Umtiti should start.


Koscielny’s out with injury. Umtiti or Varane are probably their best. I don’t really rate France.

On Spain, Costa is a great striker if they can integrate him into it well. Ramos and Pique get on fairly well with Spain


On paper, France have a very impressive team. Better than it was in the Euros, for sure.

Sidibe in at right-back, Digne/Lucas Hernandez at left-back are all improvements than what started 2 years ago. I really like Varane, and I think him & Umtiti is better than most teams.

You’ve also got Lemar, Rabiot & Tolisso- all young players in midfield; as well Mbappe & Dembele in attaack.

The likes of Sissoko & Gignac should be nowhere near the team this year; on paper, they’re formidable.

Not won on paper, obviously; is Deschamps a good enough manager?

Wouldn’t be convinced by Spain’s striking options outside of Costa though; some class midfielders alright. Should be there or thereabouts too.


if Belgium had anybody else managing them I’d have a cut off them. I might have a fiver on Denmark for the craic. Should get out of the group handy enough and are well drilled. Eriksen is a difference maker.


I should have mentioned that I do rate the french players individually but as a team I think they lack a player in midfield who can control a game and also I don’t really rate Deschamps


French midfield should be Kante, Pogba and possibly Tolisso. Rabiot should be nowhere near that squad. They like Sissoko because he cares. Up front Greizmann and possibly Martial and Dembele/Payet. They lack leadership.

Another thing about France is that if they top their group they’ll probably end up with Spain/Portugal in the quarter final and Brazil in the semis.

Of all the big teams, Germany have the easiest draw in the knock out stages. Probably Switzerland in Round 2, then maybe England/ Belgium/ Poland/ Senegal/ Columbia in the Quarter Finals. The Germans would be rubbing their hands at any of those teams. Possibly Argentina in the semis (or else Spain/Portugal).


Martial, Payet, Sissoko not in the squad.

If Mbappe doesn’t start up front, that would be absolute madness. Averaging a goal every other game over the past two seasons as an 18/19 year old; his record in Europe is even better than that.


Brazil most likely to win it out.


Leroy Sane lads is he likely to be a starter for Germany? I see Reus and Brandt are potentially rivals for that same slot.


I think Nigeria could do well…


Ah come off it.