World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


@Rocko, should we have a dedicated semi finals and final thread?

Dembele replaces the suspended Munieur. Strange move. He will hardly play right wing back. Interesting to see how they set up

FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread

Chadli to right back, Vertongen to left back and a 4-3-2-1 from Belgium???


de bruyne might play right wing back


Has Mbappe played only on the right yeah?


Pretty much. Assume Griezmann will drift out to the left to try and exploit that side if Belgium are overloading the right similar to what they did on the left v Brazil


Deschamps reverting to type here and bringing in the extra water carrier in Matuidi. A very conservative selection.

martinez has gone buck ape. No balance or rhyme nor reason to his team at all.


You have to think that tradition comes into play here and France will send the Belgians packing.


Do they both not have a tradition of being sent packing?

cc @GeoffreyBoycott


Both sides kinda look to be at their best when counter-attacking. Can’t see France falling into Belgium’s trap like Brazil did though.




That would make it four Tottenham Hotspur players in the starting 22 on the field tonight, the highest representation of any club. Tottenham Hotspur likely to provide the highest representation again tomorrow night in the second of the semi finals as well.


Isn’t it strange they win fuck all when they all play together?


Should be a classic semi final, neither defense great so hopefully an avalanche of goals.


Doubt either team will look to take too many risks either. Think it will be a cagey enough game


Neither team pressing at all. Happy to wait for a mistake and then to counter


George gone overboard with the pronunciations tonight


This is business end


His “Chadli” is ridiculous


The “Shad-lee” a moment ago was particularly precious.


Strange game so far. Belgium didn’t have a kick for the first 3 minutes and France haven’t had a kick since