World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Still here.

Keeping the head down after that abomination


Ah lads


Prickford :smile:


Grear character shown from Croatia.

Far superior after halftime.


Fuck England


They filled their togs like a certain west Brit the morning of the Dublin marathon


Still time for England’s tradition to kick in


Kane failed to score from play in the knockout stages in 330 minutes.

England scored 12 goals, 10 of them from set plays.


I don’t think he should have been taken off but Kane was a complete passenger again and allowed Croatia to get on top. That was made worse for them when Dier came on. However poor Henderson was, Dier can’t keep the ball at all.

Against a reasonable team like Croatia, you can’t afford to have two plodders who aren’t even defenders.

Brady telling it how it is here.


Better team won for sure. But England could have won it in the first half an hour. No knighthood for Harry.


Dunphy is some bullshitter .



The much maligned Lorven was excellent tonight after a shakey start when Sterling ran at him


The right result overall but england had their chances in the first half. France should beat Croatia but they’re dogged as fuck and if they stay close they could upset the french.
Fine tournament for england though.


Ooops a daisies


Lovely scenes with Vida’s young boy


They’ve done very well with that squad. Might be waiting a long time for that combination of momentum and opportunity again through.


Breathe it in. This is amazing.


England won’t get a chance like that to get to a World Cup final for another 50 years. I’ll be six foot under.


They went down with a whimper in the end