World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Duff talking about world class players. He told us at half time that Kane was world class because he missed plenty of chances and didn’t mind.


Their youth football is really good now so maybe not


I was thinking more like 20 but you could be right



I’d love to have that peace of mind.


It is but the EPL might not be good for them.


Just one creative player could make the world of difference to them. Maybe one will happen along. Young squad, surely well bonded by the experience now. They might surprise us in 2 or 4 years.


Notwithstanding the fact that Croatia are the better football team, England just don’t have the togetherness to overcome a superior opponent, at least not in the pressure cooker atmosphere of a world cup semi final. I suspect many of the English players don’t even like or trust each other, while I doubt the Croatians suffer any such issues.


England tried to score while Croatia celebrated :rofl:


The right results in the two semi-finals. Both Belgium and even more so England were in strong positions after solid/impressive first halves and both of them wilted terribly, drifted out of the game and became very passive. France and Croatia had the skill and mental strength to take control when the pressure was on and are worthy finalists.

Prickford goading Mandzukic reminded me of Harte goading Pirlo in Euro 2012. Both of them got their answer.


As the coaches will tell defenders “don’t let the attacker see the number on your back.” Walker and Stones both made that mistake for the Croatian goals.


The unbearable smugness of Gary Neville at half-time combined with that horrible, thick cunt Pickford’s antics was just a glimpse of the nightmare we escaped from tonight.


Harte was never the same player


Harry Maguire fixes his hair as the ball is coming back in for that second goal!


‪Ireland faced three better teams in the 2012 Euro group stage than England met all World Cup‬. This could be the worst thing ever to happen to England because they actually think they’ll be going in the right direction.


He’s been such a snitch this tournament. An embarrassment.


Keane is winding up for a big one as he tolerates nev and wrighty


England scored too early.


ITV is nice viewing now.


Ole ole ole ole…Pickford is a horrible cunt