World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


A fist pump by Wayne to Mark in acknowledgement of that special finish.

Great camaraderie, as you’d expect.


More clinical finishing from the Welshman.

I generally detest the Welsh but their darts players at Lakeside are a much better class of Welshman altogether.


We’re watching something very, very special here.


A deciding leg…

We’re at the end of the 6th set and that was the first leg where a player missed 2 double attempts in a leg.


Ah here.

Mark finishes 154 to win the set in leg 5 and level it at 3-3.

This is better than anything I’ve ever witnessed.


Sensational 154 checkout from Geezer.

True world class.


Glen durrant " unfortunately I have to stay in the bdo". The words of your champion. Sad to be kept prisoner against he’s will.


It’s hilarious to think all the populist creeps wasted their Christmas breaks watching the sex offender’s long goodbye from Phil’s Dart Club instead of readying themselves for the real darts at the home of darts.




Mcgeeney was embarrassed in the grand slam. Awful standard this.


McGeeney averaged 105 in that last set. Multiply that by the generally accepted dart board factor of 1.2175 and that translates to 128 on the PDC boards. Unreal.


Geert de Vos was beaten out the gate at Lakeside yet he hit a 115 average in the Grand Slam of Darts.

Go figure.

Geezer and Wayne are hitting averages which are the equivalent of 135 on a pdc board.

This is where it’s at as far as world class darts is concerned.


Free Glen durrant the lakeside one.


You are not well. Get help.


Feel sorry for Duzza the man is gutted,he’s a class act though and it’s a shame he can’t take the step up in class.


Been kept against he’s will. You not agree?


I preferred James Richardson’s “War and Peace” reference to Paul’s more cliched “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu reference.

Dostoevsky and darts.

What a combination.

Class again from Wayne to open up set 7.


Do all PDC fans have trouble spelling basic words or is it just you?


That was composure personified by Wayne. Left himself on an awkward 38. D7 and D12 and there’s your break of throw.


Wayne won the first two legs here but he’s visibly flagging on the roasting stage. He looks very very very tired. McGeeney takes the third leg and it’s back on throw.