World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


Wayne’s settled down now. A 102 check out to forge 2 legs ahead in set 2.


Outstanding by Wayne. Missed the board when going for single 16 but hit it with his final dart to leave tops. Came back next visit and nailed it at the first attempt. A clean sweep of the second set and he has an 80% check out rate.


Make that 83%.

5/6 on doubles.


6 legs on the trot for Wayne to lead 2-1. Sensational composure and courage to rebound so emphatically after that first set sight/counting error.


Looks like we’re all set for another classic here.

You can never have too much of great darts.


Wayne is giving an absolute clinic now. The Welsh roofer is reaching incredible heights.


A 116 check out seals the 4th set for Wayne. What a performance so far but we’ve seen games turn already today.


That’s incredible. What percentage is Wayne on doubles now, @Bandage?

Averaging over 97.


And a 130 check out now by Wayne. Bloody hell.


He sealed a leg a while ago by hitting two doubles in succession so I think he might be averaging over 100% at this stage.


Th Gladiator stops the rot with an 11-darter.


One dart left and Mark nails tops. Could be a pivotal moment.


This is magnificent darts yet again.

I’ve almost grown tired of saying it but the players keep making me say it.

That 60, 60, 10 130 outshot by Wayne was the same route Michael Unterbuchner went in the final set in the last match.

And then Geezer responds in kind.


Mark himself is 6/9 on doubles. This is an incredible standard.


I was just thinking of some of the momentous check outs this week.

The Dazzler’s walk off 170 to win earlier in the week.

The young Dutch chap’s 170 in the youth final yesterday.

Conan Whitehead waiting on 57 and needing just one leg to seal the match before Jim Williams hit that magnificent 161 check out and then powered on to win.

And that’s before I even begin to collate the fantastic finishes in today’s four epics.


Superb response from Geezer. Showing why he’s the world’s number one.


How do ye watch such a poor standard all day?


Rewatch the pdc championship and tell us.

This is another top quality epic.

The BDO is darts.


Wayne takes out 201 in 4 darts to level it up at 1-1 in set 6.


A bull finish by Mark to take out 122.

Fucking immense.