World Series

Link to a round up of game 5 between the Giants and the Phillies.

We’re still in with a good chance to get to the World Series.

Anyone else follow baseball (queue a load of Red Sox fans <-< )

C’man the Phillies. Threw a bit of money on them to win the National league a while back. Halladay was the main reason why.

For Fuck sake…

Bandage/Rocko/Larryduff sort this shit out…This is a gridiron forum not a baseball forum…

Locke you proddie cunt

I thought this was going to be another thread about the international rules matches

The what?

Yeah sure all us Proddie cunts follow baseball, FFS! :rolleyes:


Red Sox fan signing in… :smiley:

Red Sox Fan signing in… :smiley:

Delighted the fucking Yankees are out.

Starts Wednesday, see for coverage

Decent article to start proceedings, should be an interesting if not brilliant series:

Giants are through to the world series for the first time since 2002, will play the Texans.

Go Giants!

Delighted to see my beloved Giants on the verge of sporting immortality. Spent a few evenings bored stiff at AT&T park back in the good old days. Saw Bonds hit a home run. Cool stadium too downtown.

But yeah very shit sport

Love baseball myself, very technical and skillful sport. Was at Game 6 of Sox-Yankies in '04, brilliant occasion.

Nice to see the Giants do well, Bonds ruined them for a long time.

My love for NFL has grown in recent years though, and would have it on a par with baseball in my interests now, another great game.

NFL is not a sport.

Baseball is a deadly sport, especially to attend, despite the fact that you inevitably end up sitting beside an American. I’ll be supporting the Giants in this one, for the craic like.


I’m a fan of neither but even with the stop start nature of the NFL its ten times better than before. Baseball is the most boring shit

As a hurling and football man, i believe we could learn alot from the NFL in their use of technology and their aim to always speed up the game and make it as attractive as possible. I wouldn’t be going for the likes of a coaches getting to question decisions etc, but just, like rugby, the ref gets a quick look at a video on a big close call.

Giants win Game 1 11-7 with a 6 run 5th innings.

The Game 1 winner has proceeded to win the World Series in 11 of the last 13 years, including six of the past seven.

Go Giants and all that…

So the Giants are representing America in this?
What other countries are involved?

Worst post ever.