You Are Not Stuck In Covid, You Are Covid Part 6 of infinite

Apologies to Mcgregor

Cop the fuck on, you know better than this.

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Ireland against fascism :smiley::smiley:

I had swine flu, it was an awful dose, really fucking bad but I was also sick in early March 2020, with all the covid symptoms but not confirmed. That was a hundred times worse than the swine flu. I’m assuming I had covid then without confirmation but on that basis I will claim that covid is way worse than the flu


What a dickhead. The staff aren’t paid enough to hear he’s personal views on covid guidelines

What a knobhead

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No PCR tests available in 10 counties

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That’s great but we had similar falls between November 1st and November 6th and then the figures quickly rebounded much more strongly.

The public health advice to halve your social contacts has definitely been heeded by the population.

I suppose the point is that that kind of advice isn’t sustainable outside of the very short term.

Plus ICU figures remain at their highest since February.

Mate from what I’ve seen nobody is following the public health guidance anymore bar wearing masks.

I’d imagine the fall is because of the boosters being given out.

I’d very hopeful in ten days or so things will be really looking good.


How can you ascertain population level behaviour from extremely limited personal experience?

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I clearly stated from what I’ve seen. People are getting stuck in. Bars are rammed. People are travelling again. I’d be confident only a tiny portion of the population listened to the public health advice about cutting down contacts.

So you can’t ascertain population level behaviour from a few trips out.

The nature of population level behaviour is that subtle shifts in behaviour go unseen at a basic visual level - by definition it cannot be otherwise. It’s the product of many millions of individual decisions.

And it only shows in the figures.

Cases go up over the weekend as the Doctors are mostly off and don’t do discharges.
You then see a big number of discharges every week in the Tuesday/Wednesday figures.

Like most health emergencies in this country, they are Monday - Friday, 9-5 type emergencies.


The public are doing what needs to be done, but also, lock them up they can’t be trusted


We’ve pushed our team Christmas lunch followed by pints into Q1 2022. Poor Tomás Ryan got slated this time last year when he suggested people needed to celebrate Christmas in the new year. Or maybe it was McConkey who said that?

I’ve noticed a good few people happy to cancel Xmas parties and not saying they’re going out etc in last few days or so. Gas the psychology of it. Now that we are allowed do it people are saying we won’t bother. If it was banned the same lads would be giving out fuck.
I think they’ve that balance right now for once. Give people the choice but discourage them from doing it

A lot of antisocial types at work are hamming up their fear of Covid to renege on Christmas social engagements.