You Are Not Stuck In Covid, You Are Covid Part 6 of infinite

Continuing the discussion from Coronavirus Thread (sponsored by Anthony Fauci & Pfizer) (Part 5) - #10011 by Cheasty.

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Round 6, my moneys on Covid this time


Get vaccinated!

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I am not anti-vaccine, nor am I part of an anti-vaccine movement. I’ve traveled considerably over the past number of years and have received immunisations for polio, tetanus, typhoid, hep, rabies, meningitis, as well as the standard vaccines.

I will say that “rat-licker” is a disgusting phrase, and it is a clear attempt to dehumanise people. Face coverings are not recommended for some people, including children under 13. Are they “rat-lickers”? Are people with physical or mental illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a face covering also “rat-lickers”?


Anti-vaxxers are disgusting people. Anti-vaxxers are literally dehumanising other people by driving a pandemic which ends the lives of millions of human beings.

How can you complain with a straight face about phrases other people use about your irresponsible choices when you have been calling others “fascists” for nearly two years now?

Seemingly blissfully unware that the anti-vaccine movement of which you are part is a key part of the international fascist movement?



You are. You have been peddling anti-vaccine propaganda around here for yonks.

At least own it.

It’s very dishonest when one cannot own up to what they are peddling.

I’d have more respect for the people who admit to what they’re doing in that regard.

We go again

Put the head down and drive on.


The next 10,000 posts are crucial.


Cops should be involved

Fuck sake

Why debate the point when he can just misrepresent people and label them.

So he was hangry?

Sign in @Perez2017

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Hell of a drug.

This lads a spastic,another McGregor fan no doubt.

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Mate, you’re better than that. Remove that phrase.