Your End of Year Lists

Seeing as 2006 is on the way out it’s time for these end of year type threads. It might also be handy when picking up christmas presents and stuff? :slight_smile:

So what were your favourites during the year?

Albums? Books? Films? TV Series? Documentaries? Matches attended? Matches watched? Anything else?

As it’s a sporting site stick in your sporting moments of the year, team of the year, achievement of the year, sportstar of the year, one to watch in the future etc etc.

I’m going to have a little think about this.

Website of the year Wahoo!

And I’m a sceptic!

Film of the year for me is Borat, which I saw last night and really shows some of the yanks up to be the stoodpist coonts alive.

Match attended of the year - Celtic 1 Manchester United 0

One to watch in the future - Cillian Sheridan

TV series of the year - Shameless

Can’t think of a song or album released this year that I really liked.

Favourite saying of the year:

“Suck me shoe”

Film of the Year - The Departed

Still struggling to come up with a song or album

I have seen very little films and heard very little albums from this year

I generally take stand out songs from the charts and give them a place in the year end list
This year’s winner is ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley

For me single of the year is deffo the Scissor sisters. I don’t feel like dancing, dancing…
What a cracking pop tune as Louis Walsh might say!!

The departed or Borat for films.

Sporting highlight to follow in due course.

I’m going to get murdered for this but I agree with the Scissor Sisters - I think it’s a cracker. The other single that I think is smashing is Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. You can listen to it on the soccer video thread on the latest McGeady video.

Others to follow in due course also.

Favourite pub of the year: The harbourmaster
Favourite drink of the year: Heineken
Favourite country of the year: USA
Favourite high profile poisoning of a Russian spy: Litvinienko
Favourite news story of the year: The success of the Iraq war

Favourite pub of the year: Sackville Lounge
Favourite drink of the year: Arthur Guinness
Favourite country of the year: Euskadi
Favourite high profile poisoning of a Russian spy: Dmitry Kovtun
Favourite news story of the year: US midterm elections


Favourite TFK Thread: Celeb Spotting

Favourite Country: Kazakhstan

Favourite Sports Pundit: Eamonn Dunphy

Favourite Drink: Becks

Most hated song of the year: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ - Scissor Sisters
(Im not saying this just to cause an argument I genuinely fookin hate it with a vengeance)

Favourite pub on the year - Carroll’s of Mohill
Favourite drink of the year, and every year - Guinness
Favourite TFK thread - Northern Bank Robbery
Fvourite TFK debate - Rocko and tommy going nuts at each other. So nice not to be involved for once
Favourite News Item - The Padraig Nally farce
Favourite full back line in the country - Leitrim
Best sport moment - Dublin and Mayo - What a spectacle
Worse sport moment - seeing Ireland being disgraced by Cyprus

Favourite tfk thread: The stalker is back - part 2 / Celebrity deaths 2007
Favourite pub: Bar 51, Haddington Road, Dublin 4
Favourite drink: Tae, a nice cup of tae
Favourite word: Incandescent
Favourite term of abuse: Semen guzzler
Favourite missing person: Trevor Deeley
Favourite goal: Nakamura’s winner versus Manchester United
Favourite game: Wexford versus Monaghan
Favourite point: Diarmuid Kinsella with the outside of his right foot from 50 yards in the second half of the same game
Biggest disappointment: Wexford losing to Offaly and Kilkenny in senior football and hurling on the same day in Croke Park in July
Favourite albums: Two Gallants - What The Toll Tells; Josh Ritter - The Animal Years; We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor; I’d struggle terribly after that.
Favourite films: The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Borat
Favourite std: Syphillis
Best moment: The final whistle in Clones when Wexford beat Monaghan - a county united in pride. Honour, passion and respect.
Biggest disappointment: The shameful vilification and witch-hunt against Ireland’s best footballer, Mattie Forde and hearing the authorities had banned him for 3 months without having the common decency of giving him a personal hearing only hours before Wexford were due to play Fermanagh
Farewell of the year: Darragh Ryan. Legend. Nothing more, nothing less.
Favourite murder of the year: The Scissors Sisters from Tallaght
Favourite team: Celtic
Favourite colour: Purple/Gold
Favourite place: Wexford
Favourite comeback: John Kennedy (Celtic) / Paul Robinson (Neighbours)
Saddest death: Doctor Flynn Saunders (Home and Away)
Favourite programme: Home And Away
Favourite characters: Ric Dalby and Mattie Hunter
What made you cry: You’ll Never Walk Alone at the end of the Celtic-Manchester United game / Reading The Huddleboard the morning Jinky Johnstone died / Getting a dig in the balls in the pub when I wasn’t expecting it
Favourite lyric: I’m never gonna let your negative vibes and comments get through to my psyche and cripple me (Damien Dempsey) and You’ll never kill our will to be free, to be free, inside our minds we hold, hold the key (Damien Dempsey) and All I have is my blood and my blood won’t let me down (Declan De Barra) and So run and tell my darling true, my days are short and my breaths are few, so please come down and take my hand, my last demand, and lead me to some slender rest, and please dismiss what I confess (Two Gallants)
Favourite artist: Aiden McGeady
One to watch: Nicky Barmby / Ian Woan / Robbie Fowler
Favourite drug: Life

A few I missed out on there:

Changing my favourite film to Wind that Shakes the Barley from The Departed.
Favourite album is of course Two Gallants - What the Toll Tells
Biggest Disappointment was Benfica v Celtic
Thread of the year was Champions League Matchday 5 Thread
Image of the year is Bandage’s current signature

Favourite film: The Departed - shading both Borat and The Wind that …

Favourite tv programme: Home and Away

Favourite Home & Away scene: Shortly after Flynn passed when Sal broke down on the stairs and Mr Stewart arrived with a suitcase. Narrowly beating Ric’s “I love you Dad” and the explosion at Jack and Martha’s wedding.

Favourite match: Liverpool v Chelsea at Old Trafford in the FA Cup semi

Worst match: Kerry-Mayo

Saddest moment: Bandage leaving our place of employment

Favourite songs: The Kooks - She moves in her own way, Damien Rice - Rootless Tree, Damien Dempsey - Hold Me (Live at the Olympia)

Best football played by Liverpool 06/07 season: First half against Galatassary. Why can’t we reproduce this?

Best day: FAE day, Nov 17th

Favourite term of abuse: Geebag/coont

Favourite calendars for 2007:

  1. Keeley Hazell
  2. Girls Aloud
  3. Hollyoaks Babes
  4. Home and Away
  5. Celtic Football Club

Hope this link works:

You need a HB account to view that thread Bandage.

Shame for the rest of them then.

Most embarrassing moment: introducing myself to ClarkeyCat outside the Harbourmaster when meeting him for the third time. The guy’s face just hadn’t registered with me yet.

Funniest moment: Sam shouting “show us yer tits” at Bandage’s female work colleague who was having her work leaving-do at the same time as the great man.