Your Favourite Tom Ryan Anecdote From Unlimited Heartbreak

For me it’s the one about John Flavin and Davey whatever the fuck his name is.The chairman of Monagea. :lol: :lol:

The fact that flavin never came through would have been my biggest disappointment as limerick manager.The reason he never came through was his own fault.He wen’t off playing junior fucking b football with the club.He was a good player like and then yer man came looking for him Davey whatever the fuck his name is,the secretary of Monagea,a small fella with a cap.He was a bollox anyway whatever his name was and he took him away to the football.He took him away and he got injured.It broke my heart two years of work gone down the drain.

Wasn’t flavin a fedamore player?

Was going to come on and slate you for starting a new thread as Tom had a thread started about him already and it was recently but i can’t now after reading that brilliant quote again.

Tom Ryan. :lol:

Nope John Flavin is Monagea.
He was never going to be a star.

I asked South Limerick Referee on about the possibility of Tom releasing a book and this is what he told me.

[font=Verdana][size=3]I think an autobiography from Tom would be a right job if he could get every word through the legal team of the publishers!!![/size][/font]

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Was he related to the chaplins in SMB?

I’ve no idea of his family tree

I think they are first cousins

I tried looking for that thread but i couldn’t find it.

That is correct

My personal favourite is about the time they tried to shaft Charlie Hanly,Tom’s liaison officer and Jimmy Hartigan resigned and half the county board got up and stormed out of the meeting.

Get pen to paper quick there on that tom ryan book.You should listen to him on east limerick radio at times . He holds a knowledgeable opinion on most topics :lol:

There’s an East Limerick radio station? Probably just a load of pigs grunting into a microphone while the natives sit at home grooming flies from each other.

There can never be enough Tom Ryan threads :clap:

A national treasure, if RTE had any sense he’d be on every Sunday*.

*There would probably need to be a time delay of some sort.

His old column on the Leader where Tom used to go into eulogies about farmers he used buy heifers off was superb. Tears in the eyes stuff. If he was put back in charge of Limerick, the good times would roll. His madcap antics could be just the x-factor needed to infuse a winning mentality into the Limerick team. Obviously you’d need a tactical genius beside him to counter the madness and also a good fitness coach but the sight of Tom on the sideline giving out would have us winning again.

Far from it, such stations are a valuable platform for the lunatics seeking airtime which exist in every parish in the country.

“Munster is concocted” :clap:

They were very entertaining columns in the Limk Leader. There was one where he got a kick of a bull in a barn, and was panned out on the ground facing up, and couldn’t help but notice the birds building nests. It reminded him of the time of year when you smell cut grass, the time of the year for munster championship hurling…

I think there is a 50 shades of Hay type book in Tom.


Limerick needs madness.
Normal doesn’t work for us.
Look at Richie Bennis, an good auld stock, a traditionalist with no time for modern rubbish, he turned a team of chumps into All Ireland Finalists. That’s what we thrive on.