2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Not even close. It would take them at least 2 home games each to reach 25k


About 50k


Ten or fifteen years more of this and there will be no interest in intercounty football in leinster, top athletes from strong counties like meath and kildare will play other sports, and kids in these will have no one to aspire to be. Kids who have every right to challenge for success as dublin kids, though you and other dublin supporters think thats a laughable notion


Just checking this now. It’s dismal.

Bohs - 3,600 ish
St. Pats - 2,700 ish
Shamrock Rovers - 4,000 ish
Shelbourne FC - complete shite, not even 5,000 for a complete season

Surely to fuck I have this wrong?

What the fuck is wrong with Dubliners. I’m not even a Dub and I’m embarrassed for them. Useless cunts.


They can challenge for success, if Mayo and Donegal before can challenge for success then so can they. Its harder than in Dublin but its doable


I just found out the identity of the chap who wrote this, mate - I was delighted to find out that it’s a man I’ve drunk many pints with before and after Dublin and Eire matches over the years - I even once told an entirely true yarn on this forum in which he was the central character.

A top, top article by a top, top fella.


Review that in 5 years, the advantages are really kicking in now


You won’t properly gauge interest in GGA sports in Mulhuddart are any of these new towns in West Dublin.

Soccer is the most popular game in Dublin simply because it is a vastly superior sport to either GGA codes.

But Gaelic football has got a hardcore, traditional support in certain areas of the city, @flattythehurdler is spot on.

It’s ludicrous to argue otherwise.


Thats exactly what i said,some areas. Certainly not widely ingrained.

Soccer is the most popular sport as dublin has a strong cultural connection with england, it has essentially been an english city for hundreds of years. Have a think about why theres an area beside you called irishtown, in ireland??


Dublin is the real Ireland, mate.


There’s a load of places in Ireland called Irishtown


Such as? Athlone i know, a garrison town. Where else?


Kilkenny, Clonmel, Mayo


All in landlord/british controlled areas where the irish were placed in specific settlements, yes?


Careful now, mate, he’s from British Columbia.


That’s not really the point. You used it as evidence that Dublin is an English city, I doubt some village on the Mayo/Galway border is an English village


I thought he was from Ballybrit?


But that village was set up by the local british landlord. Kind of proving my point completely? The dubs are flying off the handle now i see, trying to pretend history didn’t happen. I was merely explaining why soccer was so popular there.


I thought we were talking about the present day?


Hurling is very popular in Kilkenny City…