2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


That was the Anglo-part of Galway, which itself is so named because it was founded by settlers from the Norman-Anglo invasion.


We are, you are trying to muddy it a bit. My correct point was that in British controlled areas, settlements called irishtown were set up. Theres more evidence than that, dublin was after all considered the second city of the empire, welcomed the monarchy, contributed a huge amount of British soldiers and black and tans etc etc. And this explains the affinity with British culture. This was the pale after all, the permanent english settlement. This is history, not sure why people are hopping in the pan about it.







Amazing that 102 years after Dublin fought to free Ireland that we have a four in a row team on the verge of a unique five.


I wonder how much Canning billed for that?


Jaysis @maroonandwhite is taking an awful hiding here. He’s like a Galway player in the Croke Park tunnel in 1983. He doesn’t know where the next dig is coming from.


Excellent analogy, as in 83 no one is able or willing to take me on one on one, dubliners only get brave with numbers (people and or finances)


Put away the coat mate, Croke Park and Bertie have endured you’ll never feel the cowld again.


The poor oul’ divil has landed a few on himself, his only ones that have connected.


The jobs both did in terms of actual professionalism and real development is shameful.

Banty in particular robbed them. What I have on the “S&C” Coach is laughable

Davy tries at least, even though it’s mostly superficial


A good balanced article here, pity no dubliner had the wherewithal to come up with it


What a twee article. Sportsman trains. Well, what a shock.


You have to temper it i suppose with the fact that cluxton is an oddball who wasn’t going to be havin a few pints with the lads in college anyway


The fact that he trains properly over a very long period of time with actual real commitment and doesn’t go on about it is the real story here.

No wonder he could concentrate on accuracy at training.

Brilliant stuff.


He is that. Was he refusing to play senior football with his club in recent years?


@flano once boxed the ears off a rabbit, but you never heard him go on about it.


Yes but wasnt that a protest over the paid imports like yourself? Which is reasonable enough. He doesnt have the same qualms about imported factors improving his other team though.


He was happy enough to welcome us in once upon a time. I smell a rat.


Cluxton didn’t Write it