2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


10 days or so after the all-Ireland final, and @myboyblue and @maroonandwhite are still raging :smile:


You’re mistaking rage with calm reserved comment*. If you wish to view rage, take a view oer the mountain to Estebans current 3 day meltdown.

I am calm out.

I won’t dare speak for M&W, but he seems calmer than normal.


It’ll make the winter shorter sure.


That and the discussion about the merits of Tyrone and Derry club football.

It was Adrian Cush guys, Adrian Cush.


Enjoyable read


Very well written. Clearly a very good team, helped hugely by funding. No real argument to that, as can be seen by the fact no dubliner has made a valid argument, just a lot of shouting. I mean did you read whelans or brogans articles. Mindless.


Not helped hugely by funding

Cork/Kerry/Donegal/Mayo Senior teams have similar budgets


You have figures to prove this?


They are freely available fella


are we talking the end of year totals or are you talking about actually money spent on teams preparations and workings? Because one lovely figure always thrown out is Mayo spending more than Dublin, despite the fact that over 33% of Mayos cost was on transport and travelling expenses. Its a huge cost on a lot of counties that doesnt have the same impact on Dublin


So what?
It’s up to Mayo to spend it wisely or get more lads jobs at home or do what’s needed.

Fact is the money spent on dublin senior team considering all the finals is not way in excess of other large counties.

The mayo travel is brought up alot. As was Cavan.

But it’s gone now from development officers (who clearly and obviously didn’t have much impact) to travel.

Is it Dublins fault they live in capital city?

I know for a fact some of their players have missed and been late for training due their traffic.

I also know that not much has ever really been made of Mayos travel and they managed it extremely well.

And as someone coaching 24 years, qualified I S&C, been a Performance Coach for an All Ireland win and generally understanding what it takes to be competitive, Dublins biggest advantage is Jim Gavin, Bryan Cullen and a couple of exceptional leaders like Cuxton.

They do not train that much more than anyone in fact less than alot. They do not pay Physios/S&C more than other counties in fact less than Kerry and Cork anyway. They do not have these amazing facilities talked about. Other counties have performance managers like Cullen or can afford to get them and are in process of it or simply refuse to, largely because the County manager refuses to listen to an outside party. So that’s up to them. Dubs were ahead of curve.

A Barbell is a Barbell.

A pitch is a pitch.

A football is a football.

As Ryan Wylie said “Dublins chin up bar is the same as our chin up bar”

There is only so many hours in a week.


Play all their games at home is all mayo need to do is it. You made the assertion about money, back it up


Kev if this the case would you be in favour of introducing a spending cap on the amount spent on a training a Senior Inter County team?

One aspect that is not being recognised is the extra sponsorship opportunities available to Dublin due to their catchment area. Dublin GAA are in a position to employ a Commercial & Marketing Manager and a Digital Marketing Executive. Never mind the plethora of GAA Promotional Officers they have on board.


@Gman is so consumed by bitterness that he pretends there is no such thing as traffic in the capital, sure you could just fly around anywhere in the evening.


I know bro, but wait, try this for a second. Imagine that traffic, and then add on a 2+ hour journey to a magical place that exists, outside of the M50. I know, its amazing, there exists an entire world outside of Dublin.

Let that sink in.

Mind blow am I right? Am I right?

Aw you know I’m right.


I know exactly what you’re talking about mate, my son played Bray Emmets a few weeks back.


Bray is about six minutes outside the M50.


Not in heavy traffic.


Dublin are statistically 30x more likely to produce a Ryan Wylie than Monaghan are.


What time was the game at? And what day of the week?