2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


A number of years ago there was a plan to improve Wexford hurling by encouraging Kilkenny women to move to Wexford and have families.

At the country board meeting to approve funding for the scheme somebody suggested that the plan would be more foolproof if the women were already pregnant before they left Kilkenny.


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its not gone from Development officers to travel. You said the accounts were freely available, which does not include for coaching staff. So do we want to compare costs of coaching staff or costs spent on teams? You mention one thing and when an answer is on it refer to something different.

Of course its not Dublins fault they live in the capital It also isnt their fault that they have the largest population base in the country. It isnt their fault that the majority of the nations jobs are in the capital. Nor is their fault that the majority if third level institutions are in the capital. Nor that the majority of major sporting infrastructure is there. Nor that the main GAA ground is there. None of that is their fault. However all of it is an advantage. How quantifiable or relevant it is is completely and totally subjective. Some say it is hugely advantageous, others say it is negligible.

No one has every claimed it is Dublins fault they have all this. But to completely and utterly ignore all the help that is there is also ridiculous.

As I have said, many times already, Dublin were way ahead in terms of development, particularly with their clubs. This in my opinion has had a huge knock on effect in terms of producing quality players and also for community development and an identity to bring back the culture of Dublin football to the areas. That has a lot to play too, kids want to be Dublin footballers. Dublin invested heavily in coaching development. They have the funds available to pay full time professional rates and compete against professional sports in paying for expertise.

Of course at the end of it all, its 15 v 15 on the same pitch. But when you have such a pool of depth with some of the best coaching available, its not exactly a level playing field. I dont buy into that this is a one off generation of brilliant Dublin team. This is a constantly evolving Dublin team that is replenishing year on year. Any other dominant team before had the same core of players through it, but Dublin, IMO, are actually improving and getting better, whilst the average age of their side is coming down. They have an exceptional team and an exceptional set up and without doubt the best team I’ve seen in my generation.

The point about Dublin players being late for training is ridiculous too. Players leaving Dublin for training in Dublin going through traffic, yet there are countless leaving Dublin travelling outside to get to their training’s too. I’m sure plenty of them are late too, not that I get what being late to a training has anything to do with travel costs on a county.


Je suis @Matty_Hislop

Hope you made it back safely pal.


And you were travelling from what part of Dublin?


Sean Moore park


And what were you driving?


Something stolen.


Should have been much quicker so.


It’s a big issue Gman. You see lads every week from other teams turn up at Sean Moore Park straight after work and hang around until the rest of the team turns up because they don’t have the time to go home after work.

This selfless sacrifice is complete ignored by the pernicious Muldoon media.


You’re getting silly now.


Maybe so. I used to commute from Ballsbridge to the N11 between Stillorgan and Blackrock.

No excuse not to be in Bray in under 45 minutes even during the worst of traffic. And if it’s that bad just get a bus for the team and use the bus lanes.


The traffic has got worse since you left Dublin mate.


Hire a bus for the chaps so and use the bus lanes.


I dont know how you do it pal. Do you even get to eat anything? Serious efforts there, its no wonder the Dubs are the best at fistball


Look obviously Dublin have certain natural advantages. Every bigger county has an advantage over a smaller county and Dublin are the biggest county of all. I think the property boom has helped their clubs more than they let on also. A lot of Dublin clubs have been able to set up wealthy trusts based on the property they own. Publicly they all complain about the price of rent.

The Brazilian’s argument was that Dublin’s success is down to GGA grants alone. That is obviously bullshit and I think we all agree.

He has compared Dublin’s success to buying Sam Maguire down at SuperValu. The reference to SuperValu is clearly a personal slur on Bernard Brogan.

But Mayo complaining about the price of a mini-bus, they can fuck off.




As I said before, I think we can all just rest assured that everyone is just completely seething over this, headcases on one side about buying the title, and lunatics on the other thinking they are actually depraved and have no money. Like everything, there is a reasonable middle ground, but no one likes those cunts who say that.


No. I know it’s the case. I have seen the comparisons. I do not need to go looking for shit to prove myself right to some gobshite time waster on a forum


Oh so you’ve no evidence to your claim. But of course you’re ‘in the know’

The forums biggest spoofer strikes again. Tell us how mayo are supposed to cut travel costs and be like dublin