2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


That a drafty glass house you reside in?


You just don’t get it fella, when a lad who buys dinners off a pub dj says somethings right, then its right, dont ask any questions. Kapeesh?


Any of the serious counties can do yhis.

It’s not Dublins fault they are dublin.

It’s an insane argument.

But as performance goes, money is not the dividing factor. Deals for the lads is not the deciding factor. If anything it was a distraction and arguably contributed to the loss and travails of Connolly.

You ask anyone in Cork who knows the scene, they would take away the free cars and a that shit, they do not deserve them due to the lack of application and performance mindset. Poor management for a long time has allowed for a terrible player culture. That has fuck all to do with money.

Cork has all the tools and resources to challenge Dublin. But pick the wrong people to manage it all.

To answer your question, no I wouldn’t bother with spending cap. What’s it going to do? They all break the training rules. So why would they not break those. GAA is wall to wall with “illegal” payment.

And it’s not about money anyway


Are they able to embed paid games development officers in clubs?


There is nothing, absolutely nothing, Dublin have done that cannot be done elsewhere.

So no designed advantages by gaa. Just be their own hard work.


No one is saying that it’s their fault but, in the interests of creating a level playing field than a limit to the amount that can be invested in team preparation needs to be looked at.

Also if you really think that Donegal, Tyrone and Kerry are in the same position to gain a financial advantage from marketing and sponsorship them it shows how little you know about marketing.



But again development officers have fuck all to do with this Dublin team.

Murchan was already 8/9 when it really kicked in. He is arguably the only guy you could consider a product of it.

There are plenty clubs paying coaches around the place. I know one city club who split the cost between 4 primary schools and cash contributions from parents(2 euro a session in school) and the club itself. Approx 15k each.

Another club have Brough in more freelance ce people but have created a connection with UCC PE Dept and are using students as well.

They just do it. They work hard.

All Dublin did was do this from top down rather than what I see in Cork which is bottom up.


Not sure Portlaoise can afford a full time GDA Kev, would Croke Park pay for it I wonder?


so €1m per annum for Hurling development was not an advantage given to Dublin? Nor is the specific Dublin coaching funds given by Leinster council, which we are always told is not part of the Dublin figure for games and development, being more than every county in Leinster not over and above an advantage from the GAA? They get huge financial resources more than any other county. Of course there is a huge amount of work done by Dublin GAA, but to say that there is no advantage given to them by the overall GAA is nonsense.


I don’t think you know too much about what’s needed or how much is needed think run a senior football team.

Kerry refuse money for their senior think peak as it’s not needed. It goes to think peaches training pitch or whatever.


Changing the discussion.

I’m done here. Ye want to argue about something else


Maybe so Kev but I never claimed to. I was talking about the insane amount of money that they are generating from advertising and marketing.

No other county can match what they can raise here. While you might be convinced that it only takes a certain amount of money to allow a team to challenge and win the Sam Maguire extra funds certainly gives a team an additional, and possibly unfair, advantage in an amateur game.


:thinking: Peaches? Dublin have more peaches as well :open_mouth:


No big deal tbf, peaches come from a can.


changing the discussion?

Dublin dont get advantages from the GAA.

Comment that they do.

How is that changing the discussion?

No one is arguing that Dublin shouldnt have natural advantages that they do, you seem to think people are. Its just a fact, but is routinely ignored and that is makes no difference. Money doesnt guarantee success, but having it and spending it wisely sure does help.


Bastards get their own way and eat them every day too.


You used to have to move to the country to do that


Millions of peaches, peaches for free.



The discussion is dublin are winning all ireland ds cos they have unfair advantages

I call bullshit on every count laid out.

End of story


ah right, its not that the discussion has changed, its just you disagree with factual points. grand.

I also dont see anyone, other than Ewan McKenna and other obsessives, claiming that Dublin are winning just because they have unfair advantages, more so that the advantages are contributory factor amongst many things.