2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


bizarre, Dublin being a global city is a huge disadvantage for De duds GGA

Most kids would prefer to go to the skate park, the cinema, play football, shoot hoops, head into a spoken word festival in the CBD than play bogball


“raising money to pay players give a team an advantage in a game where you cant pay players”


What facts?

I can tell you without fear of contradiction that any of the top counties could mirror what dublin do in terms of the senior football team.

The population thing does not wash as if it did they would have won it for the last 127 years


Bullshit. Sponsorship in the GAA was only a thing since the 1990s and GAA teams have only really started taking advantage of it since the mid-2000s around the time that Caffrey took over the Dubs.

As the running of GAA teams has become more professional the chance to take advantage of the booming population, financially speaking, has grown as well.


With one outstanding turn of phrase @Matty_Hislop has destroyed that oddball crank @Gman and his anti-Dublin, Wexford town and Malaysia agenda.


So money for hurling development bought Dublin football All-Irelands? This gets better.



Dublin work harder than thick culchies.

Dublin are smarter than thick culchies.

I realise this is hard to understand for you (being a thick culchie). But that’s the bottom line

Kerry do not train anywhere near the dubs level

Mayo have failed miserably to come up with a dynamic forward plan and work on pressurised shooting.

Galway are just not producing the forward.

Donegal are well placed to challenge and may pick up an AI after the dubs fade a touch.

Cork are a disgrace

Kildare have possibilities bit are early in their development

Tyrone have an arcaic manager.

Meath have lost their identity (they spent more money than dublin last year)

That’s pretty much it in terms of possible competitions. Nobody else has the tradition or will or any kind of flow of players to compete. Or the capabilities to quickly turn around either.

None of this has to do with dubs money.

Ask any IC player worth their salt. They do not blame money


Ya forgot that one.

It’s a joke at this stage




you said the GAA dont give any unfair advantage to Dublin GAA. They do, and have done.

If you can be so black and white as to say that the expenditure on the team alone this year is the only contributory factor to the development of this team, then I would disagree. This team wasnt formed over night, it was years of progressive development and structured coaching. So I dont believe that you look solely at the team expenses, but on how the overall development and expenses worked.


Sorry, are Dublin GAA 2 separate set ups @Sidney? I thought it was one whole organisation, or should everything in the discussion just be compartmentalised into each separate piece?


For someone who presume to be so intelligent, and yet had the cheek to talk down to everyone that disagrees with him, you seem to have missed the point that I was arguing here.

GIlroy got Dublin working harder but Pat Gilroy had the players training twice a day at one stage to get them across the line and win the first All-Ireland since 1995.

There’s no other County in Ireland that could maintain that level of commitment from players.

I’m not arguing with your professional knowledge and won’t resort to name-calling.

There may well be teams that could put the shoulder to the wheel more to catch the Dubs but there is no way that you can argue against the fact that Dublin, due to population and the revenue-generating possibilities linked to this, hold an unfair advantage (that they didn’t create themselves) when it comes to having funds available for team development and preparations.


oh yes you can!


That’s some load of cock in fairness.

No doubt you also lambaste the gaa for not doing enough for hurling.

And your point kinda proves ours.

Where are the hurling All Ireland s to prove all this money is responsible? ??


No. Jim Gavin came along and raised standards year on year .

BTW have you ever heard of lobbying and applying for money.

I am led to believe most counties spend their time looking for money for infrastructure

Dublin invest in people


You do understand hurling and gaelic football are separate games, yes?

Does money for grass roots association football development improve the standard of the Irish international rugby team?


Interesting point, this was brought up by Jarlath Burns on Colm Parkinson’s Podcast also. It was countered with the point that you could easily argue Dublin’s improvement to winning hurling National Leagues and Leinster’s (which is a vast step up from being beaten by Laois et al), is greater than the improvement from losing All Ireland football semi finals to winning 4 in a row.


So true.


It could also be argued that’s simply because they are paying hurling some attention. Again those hurling results have little to do with coaching done in last 10 years.

Dublin were underachieving before Gilroy and had some questionable management’s

Gavin has brought that on another level


I have my two lads signed up to Fortnite lessons twice a week with a local trainer. Has made a world of difference to their rankings.

All being equal they’ll do a camp during mid term.