2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


The only infrastructure that matters in Dublin are the medal boards and shelves for the Cups.


Are they planning on spending much time in the OASIS?


Absolutely. This happens in Galway town too where the counter-attractions of the Arts festival, the Races, the Macnas parade and Buckfast Alley are often cited as reasons for the relative weakness of the GAA in the town.

And if it’s happening in Galway, it happens to a much, much larger degree in Dublin where the cultural scene is exponentially superior.


Are the megals not in the back pockets?


Sounds awesome. Does he concentrate on just gameplay or is he holistic in his approach? Dietary advice for faster nuero-responses etc?


Nor pinned to lapels.


I think you mean deprived, though depraved would do for some.


No wonder nobody heard it. He needs to bring it to a wide audience.


18 million people listened to that show.


Excellent work. I’d say some of them were the 36 million that went to watch league of Ireland soccer last year.


That seems high


Leveraging bud. Backbone of the western economy.


jesus Kev, reading certainly isnt your strong point is it.

I never once said, at any stage, that money alone gives you success. However pumping €5m into one county is clearly prioritising one area ahead of others. You are also making up points that I never once said. As MBB says, Dublin hurling has seen a huge improvement in both underage and senior development at club and county level over the past 15 years. You cannot solely attribute that just to money. But you can say it assisted them.

“you are lead to believe”. Fair enough. But I can assure you that plenty of counties have sought additional funds for coaching and games, for subsidies for coaching officers etc and it is only now, ten years or more after the same thing was given to Dublin that it is starting to be done elsewhere. This wasnt because Dublin sought it first or anything, it was because the GAA prioritised the biggest catchment and revenue generating areas, ie Dublin and the population. Strategic thinking from the GAA for maximising playing numbers and revenue, however it still is only 1 of 32 counties at the end of it all. It was wise investment and certainly Dublin have made the best of the planning and investment in it. But it was far more than what anywhere else got.


Dublin did something about it.

Politics is part of the game. They are just ahead of it.
Be much better off if counties stopped feeling sorry for themselves and did something about it. And also got real and supported a more layered Co petition structure where they have a chance of winning and more days in CP.

Note how Cork and Kerry get money. They use of or other things. Both political animals.

Nobody got more money than Cork. Nobody.

Why is that not being shouted about?

The development coaches of 10 years ago would only be coming to fruition soon. And based on underage results it’s certainly not total domination. Not to mention alot of the development stuff from back then was quite poor and really outdated by the time everyone got up and running

And that money has zero to do with this Dublin team which is what is being claimed. If they do another 4/5 in a row in the next decade then we can talk about that money.


Chill Insurance pay Cork just over €400k as per https://www.independent.ie/sport/gaelic-games/5m-sponsor-boost-for-dubs-36888097.html


Oh dear.Pairc-Ui-Chaoimh


Cork is 450 per year =2.7 M in same time for 2 teams.

Dublins 4m is for 6 years over all teams. Women’s and mens and underage.


Limerick came in fifth in overall county team spending for 2017, despite playing just two games in each of the hurling and football championships - ie. four games overall, four losses.

That’s an incredible level of spending despite no return whatsoever on the field.

Did they buy the 2018 All-Ireland? :astonished:


Yup and it was cheap at twice the price :pint:


Based on population Lk should be spending that tbh .


So you’re saying Dublin are vastly underspending?

Unreal how we’ve won all these All-Irelands despite being so underfunded.

It makes the achievement literally ten times better.