2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


My point was Lk should be the 5th best spending county on teams based on size of the county and a very good sponsor .

The vast majority of the spend would be December to June so championship progression would not skew figures significantly . .


Get you facts straight.

  • It was a five-year extension for Dublin - so €800k per year.

From the Dublin GAA Website, the list of official partners:


Unfortunately Dublin have to actually pay Gourmet Food Parlour for their food, mate.


Nobody should be spending it. Clubs and counties alike are being held to ransom by a shower of bluffers who can’t be bothered to /are incapable of getting a proper job, or who use them to prop up their standard of living.
That is all. The lannigans ball of coaches/nutritionists/psychologists etc etc is just, well, a load of bollox. Most clubs have someone in their own ranks capable of doing most jobs. They should be paying, perhaps, a small enough fee for s&c scheduling, with an internal coach with a bit of commonsense.
That is all. The gaa is rapidly becoming an un audited cash cow for a home grown industry.


I agree in the main . However an arms race has started and only the big boys will be able to compete and not accrue serious debts .

The biggest myth this year is that there was no pitch invasions after the all Ireland finals . There sure was .


You are absolutely right.
That’s why I started consulting and don’t charge for hurling/football coaching time or games. Coaches job is done by game time ime and should be enjoyable.

The main reason for S&C at club level is injury prevention. I think a professional getting paid for that makes sense and generally should save bills and not increase *

Unless you have bluffer’s like they have in Meath and Cavan and Wexford and such places


Free gear
Free car
Standard shit.

None of which makes you a better football you goon.

Easy know you are from Wexford


What has that got to do with anything?

What are you littering points with countless attempts at being condescending? You have zero class.


They are not exactly market leaders in producing or choosing managers and management teams now are they


Ah right. The Co Board made shite decisions so, ergo, I must have the same outlook and opinions on the game.

I’ll make sure to remember that you look at things from the same view point as Frank Murphy from now on.


Ya, well whiny bastards like you and McKenna et al fall into similar brackets as those CB lads

I’m not from Cork. At least not originally. That and being we travelled must help my objectivity


And yet it doesn’t seem to have.

By the way I’ve lived in Wexford for just three years in the last 22 years.


The bold Sean getting his digs in.


A shame Cavanagh didn’t have the balls to discuss these issues with Harte himself.


Mickey had a right cut off Sean in the first paragraph of him book . I read it and was shocked . He more or less accused him of having a wobble the weekend of the cork semi in 2009 .

He was always going to fire back from the same angle .


Maybe he did?

Cavanagh is basically now attempting to attribute all the actions he’s not proud of to Harte.

A great player but coming across as a bit of a preening child in these extracts.


It does come across as a bit of bitterness now that he has finished playing but it is not something that anyone is surprised to hear about Mickey Hate


I agree with you but revenge is a dish best served cold many say .


But it’s easy to see beyond Cavanagh’s comments. They just come across as petty and laden with an agenda. His own clubmate Philip Jordan even backed Harte over Cavanagh recently.


I hope Harte takes it out on Colm.