2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


Never came across as a preening child on the field, never.


Harte is a cunt living in a bygone era and has been hampering Tyrone teams for 9 or 10 year now

His selfishness and ego is obvious

Was only a matter of time before an intelligent ex player described it



Still produced

When his manager was looking for people to blame he came up trumps


How is he hampering Tyrone?


Who was Harte looking to blame? You seem to be as clueless on Tyrone GAA as all other GAA matters.


He was blaming cavanagh for losing him chance of 2 in a row

A player involved at the time said as much to me and also said his attitude clearly had an effect on other players on the day

Always a sign of massive massive ego


Playing stupid unsuitable football with the players he has and s bring them out with a dumbass attitude

Shown up time and again

The only constant is mickey


He never blamed Cavanagh for anything.

He said he thought he bottled it.


He did. At least that was the reflective opinion of one player

Harte got lucky with an extraordinary bunch of players

As has been shown since he is limited as a manager/coach/motivator


Jaysis I dunno. Reaching an All Ireland Final with 15 mediocre footballers with Peaky Blinder Haircuts and tight shorts is a fair achievement.


A year before Tyrone won their All Ireland they were humiliated by Sligo in Croke Park.

Harte is the greatest GAA coach of our time, what he has achieved has been extraordinary. The players who won All Irelands under him attest how vital he was to the success.


Sean Cavanagh on with Matt Cooper at the moment. He estimates that he got 4 to 6 concussions a year playing Gaelic football.


That would roughly equal the number of Rosaries said in the dressing room on championship days.
I gleaned that nugget from this morning’s show.
There’s something disturbingly eccentric about that carry on. Fucking voodooesque.


Gaelic football seems to have a serious concussion problem that it’s not facing up to.


For supppsedly such a holy man, mickey hate sure doesn’t believe in forgiveness.


A hypocrite of epic proportions


The arsene Wenger of Gaelic football


A bitter bitter man.


Cavanagh came across very well indeed on the radio this morning. I greatly enjoyed the interview.


You would want to really hate your kids to allow them to play gaelic football