2018 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


The weak side of the draw being the one with Dublin in it in the Super 8s?

Or their qualifier draw in which they had to beat three traditional giants, Meath in Navan, Cavan and Cork?

The weak half of the semi-final draw being against a team who won their Super 8 group and comprehensively beat the other defeated semi-finalists?

Tyrone badly rattled Dublin in the first quarter of the final, doing exactly the same thing Mayo did in the first half last year. The game turned on a penalty. They were never in with a realistic shout of catching Dublin after half-time but they stuck at it diligently in the second half and were far from disgraced. 1-14 is the joint second highest losing score in an All-Ireland final, only surpassed by Mayo’s 1-16 last year.

16 wides to 6 tells its own story as to how and they where can and need to improve.

They have a real road map from which to continue building and if they can bring through another two or three new players next year, they should be able to do that.


Hopefully Brian Kennedy can come in and make a big impact for Tyrone next year.


You’ve given me a reason, that I can believe in, that will help Tyrone be the best they can.




The game was over at HT Sid, Tyrone folded like a deck chair.


Yes, weak side of the draw. Tyrone didn’t have to face either Kerry or Mayo the two sides that have pushed Dublin closest over their 4 in a row run. Tyrone didn’t have to face Galway, the 2nd best side this year. Tyrone’s closest rivals in that Super 8 group thing was a Donegal side, who had lost one of their top players Paddy McBrearty. Tyrone were well beaten in Omagh by Dublin, even if they out a bit of respectability on scoreboard last few minutes when Dublin took the foot off the pedal. Final was embarrassing. Most one sided since 2007. Tyrone folded like snowflakes first sign of adversity they faced conceding penalty.


Mayo didn’t qualify for the Super 8s, mate. Therefore it’s rather strange to complain that Tyrone didn’t have to face them.

Neither Kerry or Galway were good enough to win their Super 8 group, Kerry weren’t even good enough to qualify.

Monaghan did win that group, are the only team to beat Dublin in 2018 and Tyrone beat them in the tougher semi-final.

I also seem to remember you saying that Donegal were a better team than Tyrone. Tyrone destroyed them in the crunch Super 8 game in Ballybofey, a venue where no team had won for eight years.

Tyrone’s position as the second best team in the country this year is unarguable.




The bitterest of defeats*, that one.

It proved that Dublin’s third team aren’t the third best team in the country after all.

*For Ewan.


Considering you feel that Monaghan beating Dublin in a group stage league game is relevant, it’s surprising you omitted in that narrative to point out that Galway beat Tyrone in the league by 4 points.


Well clearly you think Monaghan are a better team than Dublin, which is why it’s so surprising that you were talking about the “weak half of the draw”.


Monaghan are no great shakes. They could only score 0-10 in losing to Fermanagh. Tyrone couldn’t have hand picked a better semi final opponent than Monaghan.

It was a much poorer championship with Mayo and Kerry bowing out early. After all those great Dublin v Mayo and Dublin v Kerry tussles of recent years, Tyrone not up to it.


Dublin and Kerry have failed to beat Dublin under Jim Gavin in Championship, like Tyrone.


Jim Gavin can’t bate himself :laughing:


Tyrone appear to be a very limited team and Mickey Harte is doing a very good job


Dublin have failed to beat Dublin under Jim Gavin? Go and have a lie down, you’ve lost the little bit you had left.


The man needs to get out and get some fresh air.


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To be fair to Mickey Harte , at very best , 3 of the current Tyrone squad might make the 2003 to 2008 teams .