2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


They’ve set the line at 86 for this :popcorn:


Awful looking knee injury for Mckenzie Milton, the UCF quarterback, in their game against South Florida.


Exactly as advertised. Will Grier with the QB sneak you give the Mountaineers the lead at the end of the 3rd. 42-38.


Sooners up by 3, going for it on 4th down. 2.36 left.


Caught. Huge, huge play.


Sooners take a thriller 59-56.


OS impressive on their opening drive, 7-0.


Blown coverage.

tOSU go up 21 - 6.


Michigan D getting ripped apart here.


Huge fuck up by OS special teams, big break for Michigan. Meyer is going to have a mental breakdown.


Michigan going for 2 to tie it up. Buckeyes shell shocked here.


All Buckeyes in the 3rd quarter. TD off a blocked punt has them up 34 - 19.


Patterson needs to put a bit more pep into his throws. Receivers having picking a lot of them off their shoelaces today.


Some arsekicking for Harbaughs lads.


Real war of attrition here in Tuscaloosa where my beloved war eagles are trailing Alabama by a TD.


Impressive from USC on opening drive, JT Daniels calm and composed. 7-0.


ND is a spot of bother, nothing going on offense yet.


Absolutely no run game from Notre Dame.

Book delivers to Finke. 10 - 7


Notre Dame scrape past the shite Trojans and no doubt will maintain their playoff status. Even though other than Michigan they only play shit mid conference teams and would be beaten out the gate by any of the other contenders for top 4. A joke shop, they should be forced to play a second ranked team from one of the top conferences to be considered for the playoffs.


Finally somebody wins between LSU and the Aggies, after nearly 150 points.