2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Smashing game between Oklahoma and Texas at the moment in ESPN for the Big 12.

Sooners just had a huge pass play that ended with a fumble at the end of a big run and Texas sacked for a safety on first play with the ball back.

Sooners lead by 5 with the ball in the 4th quarter.


Texas can’t move the ball in the 2nd half. Their QB took some hit for that safety. College football is very entertaining


Incredible TD there. One handed catch in and just stayed in bounds.


Superb drive there by Murray. Impressive from Oklahoma against a good Texas team, depends on other results but assuming they win now have a good shot at getting into the playoffs having avenged their only loss of the season.


Another impressive drive from Georgia and they lead Alabama 14-7 midway through 2nd period.

A Georgia win will mean curtains for Oklahoma.


Georgia sophomore QB is some talent. Looks like he has been playing 10 years


Georgia bringing the wood. Finally some atmosphere in Atlanta stadium.


That’s Jake Fromm of QB1 fame. Hard to believe a lad who doesn’t have the sense to stay hydrated could run a game so well.


Georgia score again. This is nicely setup now. Fromm has been superb.


Georgia bludgeon their way upfield for another TD, 21-7 now, coach Saban needs to get the finger out.


Georgia OL is incredible. Run plays for 4 or 5 yards are ending up in 10 yard first down plays. A new meaning to ground and pound. In NFL refs would be blowing those plays dead.


The kicker is wearing spectacles FFS sake.


Should be a TD


Oooft huge call here.


Astonishing TD


Another dime from Fromm. Alabama in deep shit here.


Fromm is only 20. He already looks like he could be a top draft pick


He looks about 38 but yeah he’s class


Looks a bit like Cathal McCarron


I’ve no idea who Cathal McCarron is. Another great throw, wow