2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Blankinship shanks it from 30yards, ffs


That’s a brutal miss, could cost them dear.


He had one fucking job.


3 score game would have been huge


Not eligible till 2020, would have had a good chance to go #1 overall in 2019 on this showing.


Alabama recover another of their own fumbles, looking ominous now.


Wow. Great read


And Tua then throws a pick, his Heisman campaign might be going down with the Tide here.


Very cynical pal


Great game.

Those UCF pricks in bother too, it’d be great if their whining was put to bed.


Losing your starting QB will do that.

But the social media campaign to get them into the playoffs last year was laughable.


Oh dear, Tua is down with an ankle injury.


Hurts has done really well.


What a story this will be if Hurts gets redemption here.


Justin Fields is in the second season of QB1


Holy fuck that was atrocious




Oh Christ.


Fake punt on 4 and 11. What a retard


I wonder what this game will do to Tua’s Heisman chances. He’s been on another level all year but the gap to Kyler Murray was narrowed today.