2018 NCAA College Football: The Road to Santa Clara, CA


Nothing impressive about OS so far, Northwestern really putting it up to them.
Right now it’s looking like Alabama, Clemson, Irish and Oklahoma.


Wild third quarter. OS up by 3, both teams have turned the ball over, next score vital.


Bama v oklahoma
Clemson v notre dame.


Both defenses on top in the Army Navy game this game. 7 - 0 to the Black Knights at the start of the 2nd half.


Heisman presentation on later. The word is Tua’s injury 2 weeks ago will see him lose out to Kyler Murray. That’d be a travesty. Tua has tore up the SEC this year. He’ll get another opportunity to do so un 2019 while Murray seems likely to depart to MLB.


Touchdown Navy. This game had finally sprung to life.


Kyler Murray wins the 2018 Heisman trophy. Load up on Tua when the 2019 book opens.


Isn’t Murray the chap who’s down to play with the Oakland ‘As next year?


The very same. Turning his back on a lot of money. I believe he was drafted 12 months ago and made a deal to play this year. If he knew then what he knows now…


It’s not too late though, his head could yet be turned…


Money’s very good for QBs in the NFL. Even the crappy ones.


He’d be a 1st round pick, looking at the other options available. Mayfield’s seamless transition also a big plus. It’ll be an interesting storyline to follow over the coming months.


Just read he’s only 5"9’?? Forget about it.


He’s in the 2017 Elite 11 series as well, along with Trevor Lawrence.

2016 was still better with Fromm, Tua, McCaffrey and Martell.


Three Clemson players, including projected first round pick Dexter Lawrence, test positive for Ostarine. Second test results due tomorrow, if confirmed they are out of the playoff game vs ND Saturday.




Justin Herbert staying in college


Good news for Dwayne Haskins and potentially Kyler


I hope Kyler declares, he’s far and away the best QB prospect in this class and will go in the 1st round.

Herbert has just pissed millions of dollars up against the wall here. He’s getting badly advised.


A friend of mine is a Clemson head and was saying that Clemson could have just announced he has broken team rules and not disclosed it. That would lead to weed talk then, which apparently is a bigger sin than PEDs.