2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Fee is a bit low but I guess add ons might be good

I heard before that his parents want him to finish the leaving. Srfc are paying fees for a good few of them at some posh school and they work school around training.


The add ons are key and I think Irish clubs have learnt this lesson. Spurs would probably loan him back to Rovers for a year or so too.


500k would be nice, he has huge potential compared to burke for example


Spurs are in for Grealish. 25mill


We’re still a long way off the Aston Villa asking price for Grealish apparently. We need to move on players before we can buy - Alderweireld and Rose want out, Dembele is a diminishing force and the likes of Sissoko, Aurier and Llorente are deadwood.


How the fuck is this fella an improvement on anyone currently on their books?

£25 million… :smile:


I watched him a good few times last season and he wasn’t even that good.

I really don’t rate him. Flatters to deceive.


That’s are 25 million player in 2days market . Nuts .


Was thinking the same thing? What has he done really? He had one outstanding game against liverpool in an fa cup semi final other than that i cant remember him standing out. Waste of 25million


Alderweild looks off to United at 40m.

He mightn’t be getting any younger but that’s a good signing for Jose


Perfect for Spurs so.


Ken Early made a good point the other day, just divide by 10 to get us back to prices of 20 years ago or so. Grealish 2.5m, Toby 4m


Kings Hospital


I doubt it


Kens piece after the champions league final was brilliant. A fine writer.


Early is a genius.

He is by a mile the most entertaining writer and commentator on association football anywhere.

In a genre that has all but fallen into irrelevance otherwise, his match reports are typically outstanding - his one on the Wales-Eire game last October was a compelling piece of writing.

He irks the fuck out of poorly-read lads like @Julio_Geordio who like to mistakenly imagine that if their life had gone differently they could do what he does.


Pogba wants out of Old Trafford according to the London independent.


I read earlier Levy turned around and said he wants 55m for him. I like alderweirald as a player he deserves to be at a big club. It’s probably a ploy by big nose to get Martial as part of any deal.


Agent Jose is doing a bang up asset stripping job at Old Trafford.


Ken is brilliant, I subscribed to that podcast to hear his brilliant World Cup diary, that reminds me, I need to drop it now