2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


In the new-fangled language of podcasting, “dropping a podcast” doesn’t mean cancelling a subscription.


Thanks mate, now what’s the easiest way to cancel that subscription??


Do a Davy Glennon and empty your bank account gambling online, and it’ll automatically unsubscribe.


Alderweireld is a terrific player if you can get him on the pitch. He’s 30 in a few weeks though and increasingly injury prone.


What’s the best way to empty my account gambling? Anyone worth following?


The bedsit bard striking out furiously to defend his idol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Jaysus, lad, hold yourself together, the sweat is dripping off you.


Chairman Dan will flip him to Man City for £85 million in 18 months time.


Spurs can’t affird anybody who’d improve them unfortunately,



It’s a wise move not to get involved in a market that values Danny Ings at over £20 million.


Spurs just don’t have the financial muscle to lash out the £60-70 million on an experienced finished product player like the elite super franchises like Man U, Man City, Chelsea and now seemingly Liverpool can do. Mind boggling what Liverpool and Chelsea are shelling out for a goalkeeper. Hopefully we can pick up one or two promising players from the lower leagues and develop a few more of our home grown players from the academy over the season ahead.


It’d be a 60m player that would come straight into the spurs team, no way it can happen


Spurs are one of the richest clubs in Europe. If they can afford £1bn on a vanity project they can afford to buy some top talent.


Obviously not,


Obviously they can. If they can afford to invest £1bn in a vanity project they could afford to put some money into the playing squad. They have one of the highest wage bills and most expensively assembled squads in Europe.

Boycott is telling fibs, as are you.


One of the most expensively assembled squads in Europe? Really?




Where do they place on the list?