2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Ah mate, seriously. What are you talking about, top 5, top 10?


While spending has increased revenues have as well, either from transfers, gate receipts, tv deals or progress in Champions League. Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and to a lesser extent Man Utd have to make the books balance. Spurs can’t/won’t compete on player salaries though. City and Chelsea are financial dopers.


I said they are one of the richest clubs in Europe. They are.


You said they had one of the highest wage bills and squads assembled in Europe mate, how high up are they in the list?


We’re in the market for Jack Grealish one of the top young talents around at the moment. Added bonus that he’s English as well. So what if he’ll only cost about £25-30m. Spurs fans will be delighted to land him. We know a Top quality playmaker midfielder when we see one. Chelsea, Man City and Man U not interested in a player unless he costs the guts of £50m.


They are. Are you stating otherwise?


Jack Grealish at 25 million is ridiculous money for lads that’s fairly shite. 10 million would be a reasonable fee.


the confident way you said they had one of the most expensively assembled squads in Europe and one of the highest wage bills led me to think you’d be able to give an approximation on where they stood on the list.
Sure every club in the league is ‘one of’ the richest clubs in Europe


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Chairman Dan is doing what any good chairman worth his salt should be doing, negotiating the best price. I’ve every confidence he’ll land Jack Grealish. That will be a superb acquisition.


What’s that about?


An appalling comment that has thankfully been removed.


I said that Dan Levy is very tight fisted. It upset the Zionists on here though.


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Spurs are a rich club. Levy is stingy. That’s not a flip flop. They are just facts.


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Still hasn’t answered the easy question either