2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Deadline day today.


Only in England?


Premier League anyway yeah. Window shuts @ 5pm. Clubs can still sell players to other leagues between 5pm this evening and the end of the other transfer windows but they cannot be replaced obviously.


Ken, along with the rest of them three captains, is a spastic… a painful, dull, spastic…


Agreed , a football journalist that neither played the game or has a history of young to games
No credibility. The darling of barstoolers


Any big deals likely to happen?


Pogba will be joining Vidal at Barca


Nothing likely at the moment anyway.

Courtois to Madrid was confirmed last night.

Man Utd still linked with Maguire/Alderwiereld. Leicester have agreed a fee a potential replacement for Maguire if he were to move.



Having listened to him during the World Cup I’d say he’s the most plagiarized soccer commentator on TFK, you’d be surprised (or not) by how often his points come up here


Ken got trials with marseille and Celtic.


Name and shame



So lads are paying 5 euro to listen to some ham just to plagiarize him to come across as smart here? :rofl:

Come on, you have to out some of these tards…


He was well known for plagiarising stuff from here in his early days on Off The Ball. In particular around their Celtic coverage


We all know someone that got a trial with Celtic …


We all know you were on trial anyways





The window SLAMS shut.


Ken Early is an excellent writer and always worth a listen.