2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato



They’ll probably end up with the best defender after all their mucking around.


Athletico have them over a barrel here. Match our price, or fuck off.


120m they are looking for.


united would want to bid 150M there, just to be safe.


Is he not for sale for relatively nothing?

I saw 20m mentioned somewhere earlier in the window.


Allegedly his buyout clause


If it was that low surely someone would have tested him long before now.


Market arbitrage mate.

It happens.


He’s never wanted to leave. He doesn’t want to leave now either. He’s one year left on his contract and wants a nice new one drawn up.

I still think 150M would get him.


It does - but in a world with very few top class defenders you’d assume 20m would have seen a rake of clubs chance their arm… He probably doesnt have a buy out clause…

How old is he now anyway?


+add ons.


Athletico are a better team than Manchester red devils

odd move


Godin has a 20 million Euro release clause.


Hows the nerves mate?


His wiki updated fairly lively


What is the problem with Man Utd signing Alderweireld?

Tottenham appear to be willing to sell - surely that should have been wrapped up ages ago.


I wouldn’t be getting nervous about transfer deadline today. Happy enough with squad.


Isn’t it Spurs want £60m, and they don’t want to pay that.