2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Alderweireld is increasingly injury prone. He’s missed sizesble chunks of the last two seasons with long injury absences.


Spurs are at their level as a top half side, they will never be a big club so I’d say they see no point spending huge money when they have a squad decent enough to comfortably stay in the top 10 and maybe challenge for Europe.




Odd comment. Atletico Madrid couldn’t even get out of their group in the European Cup last season.


A transcript of the conversation between Ed Woodward and Atletico Madrid:

Woodward: “Can we have Diego Godin please?”

Atletico: “No”


even odder comment considering the teams involved in the respective groups. Atleti won a European trophy and finished a thumping 21 points ahead of the team that defeated united in the CL


think they won the fairs cup mate


Atletico are miles better than Man Yoo and will be even better this year


Man City have signed some keeper chap from Rovers. A great coup.


Fixed that for you.


Godin and his agent made a patsy out of United. Its like those two girls who went back with @glasagusban that night.


Everton have gone about their business nicely


Tottenham are the first team in Premier League history to not sign a player in a summer transfer window.


Tottenham Hotspur forever the trailblazers.


Mate, can you name a single player that would improve Spurs available for around 50m?




They definitely should have signed him, why oh why didn’t spurs sign Courtois???


no idea mate, was just answering your direct question, wasn’t expecting a follow on question


Oddly though my question was a genuine one. The player you answered with was not a legitimate target for Tottenham, if I didn’t know you better I’d say you were being glib


Just stating the facts kid.