2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


Ballsy move by Ronnie. Fair play


I’d imagine Real will spend heavily in the coming months. They were fairly prudent in the Zidane era. Not that it did them any harm. Bale will possibly stay now.


I’d say you’d get excellent odds on harry kane’s transfer to real madrid


West Ham confirm Yarmolenko signing from Dortmund on four-year deal


Daley Blind gone back to Ajax.

Too good a player for that league but probably too slow for a starting spot with a title challenger in England, Spain or Italy.


Could have stayed where he was.


Smug barstooler alert


€35m agreement between Chelsea & Real Madrid for the transfer of Thibaut Courtois, 4-year contract, according to RMC.


Allison to Chelsea


Presume so.


Morrata to Milan
Higuain to Chelsea


Chelsea linked with resigning Peter Cech tonight.


Hopefully , he’s woeful.


Soz I have all the latest goss from the Italian transfer market or the calciomercato as I like to call it


I never said you didnt you muppet.


Stage 7


I’ll stage 10 all over your face if you keep posting rubbish.

You’re just another EPL funboy.


sorry bro.

I just hate all this transfer tittle tattle and grown men getting excited about it.

You didnt deserve that outburst.


It’s okay, mate.
The lethal mix of Bulmers & Charlie is leaving your system now. You’ll be better once it’s fully sweated out.


No need to apologise mate, always better to e-vent on the likes of me and @horsebox than to do it in real life