2018 Summer Transfer Window Thread/calciomercato


This is why youre a top, top poster.


A bargain. Only 26, could have 7 or 8 years left in him no bother.


One year left in the contract.


I know ya but even still. A good keeper is hard to find






Great deal. One season wonder.


He’s a bag of shite - Vastly over rated.


Brazilian goalkeepers :joy:


Smashing deal for Roma

I’d say there was a huge Salah premium in that price.


If it works out £66m is an absolute bargain. How many points is De Gea worth to United a season?


A lot less next season after his mental breakdown in the WC.


He’d have been the one signing for Madrid only for it


Sky Sports had some weird Opta stat going for keepers yesterday.

The stat took all sorts of things into equation - number of goals directly saved by the keeper, number of goals caused, clean sheets in general etc etc.

Alisson was the highest in Seria A at 8. There were two higher in the EPL - De Gea at 13 and Pope from Burnley at 9.

Karius and Mignolet were both negative, with Mignolet being worse than Karius!


Anything would be an improvement on those two


I’m just happy that a keeper was bought. Fuck the money.

I would have preferred Oblak though but that was never going to happen.


Yeah, a black would have been better but at least it’s not Karius I suppose.


What colour is Allison? I’d be very wary of black goalkeepers.


You’ve seen him play.


Van Dijk and Alisson for Coutinho, with a million to spare.