2024 All Ireland Hurling Championship

O’Donoghoe deserved the free against him for the big fist pumps afterwards if for nothing else.

I said should we keep this going so and the next great team will be even better and score 0-40. He never really thought about that but that’s the level of intelligence you’re dealing with.

Tipp to win their next all Ireland in 2046 on a score line of 0-3 to 0-1

Goal counting for 7 points

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Quicker than the Galway hurlers season, well not that quick.

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It’ll all be over before you know it…


“We’ve bate ye already” cant understand when i tell them they womt be able to use the same tactics and best us again. Cork showed their hamd and won when they needed it most

A cracking tackle. He’ll win the challenge cup in Old Trafford yet

@Halfpipe as a point of interest, what should WOD do here? His hips and shoulders are square and hes front on. Hes using himself and the line to defend.

Kelly’s shoulder and hip are dipped as he leans towards an upright WOD to make contact.

What would you have WOD here? Has kelly no culpability in not turning back but instead engaging/leaning into the contact?

Genuine question

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I think @Halfpipe would agree the freeze frame is misleading and needs to go back a few frames to give an accurate portrayal of the situation.

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Lets use the attached as a hyptothetical so based on only whats only seen in the picture.

The argument from the boys is WOD shouldn’t occupy the space and he should let Kelly do what he wants :smiley:

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@myboyblue has it there, if hurling was played in freeze frames then the defender is doing nothing wrong there at all and it would be a free against the attacker for charging. Just like nearly every black card offence in football for a 3rd man tackle would show the exact same image, the defender standing his ground and the attacker running into him.
But neither hurling or football are played in freeze frames. WOD has come from a distance away to tackle Kelly, a tackle in hurling has to be on the ball or a fair shoulder and WOD managed neither.


And forward a few frames, which would show both fellas out over the sideline despite one of them apparently just standing his ground.

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The linesman had given a limerick line ball as well so he saw no issue with it either

Will was a bit exuberant with the fist pumps alright that carried him over the line but when Kelly decides to jump back five yards after dipping his head into Wills chest… Will is still in the field of play.

Kelly rolling around taking the helmet off bought the free

Go off rhe hypothetical given, whats the thinking based on just that situation and picture?

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I answered it above there, once looked at rationally I’d have thought the answer is fairly obvious.


If we go by your reasoning there, every player would be at fault for just standing in the way if they didn’t manage a shoulder or tackle on the ball. That’s clearly nonsense. It makes no odds that WOD has travelled a way to be in Kelly’s way. Hard cases make for bad examples and Kelly is unlucky to be tight against the sideline here. However there’s nothing in the rules to suggest a player has to make room for him to pass and he’s not allowed to try to travel through a player, hurling is a game of evasion. Kelly is supposed to play the ball out of this situation. What he actually does is push off his right foot and turn his left side towards WOD, he’s attempting a charge with the ball. You cannot charge with the ball, that’s clearly against the rules and a clear free against Kelly.

The problem is WOD leads with the chest rather than hold his body position.

It’s typical rubby league stuff and is dangerous overall. This example was probably just a free but air of his charges that are not called are extremely dangerous.

He’s basically allowed do what he wants and it’s championed by the JP funded media.

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