A light manyoo entertainment quiz

So, I had a coffee this morning with a lady who works for man utd. She was saying that there are a panel of office staff part of who’s job is to chaperone players as they are pressing the flesh as part of their contracts.
Have a stab at the three players that the lowly employees like the most, and the three they all utterly dread getting assigned to. (The players just have to shake hands and have a few photos on behalf of the major sponsors once every few weeks for ninety minutes).

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The Cunts group;

Sound types;

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You need to state which group. Three in each.

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Mata, fellaini and Jones are the most liked. Pogba, lindgard and Herrera are disliked.


De Gea

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Like - Mata, Valencia, Rashford
Dread - Young, Martial, Sanchez

Everybody likes Juan

Like group - Mata as a cert. Seems a decent bloke. I’ll go with Young and Lingard too.

The cunts - Pogba, Valencia (hasn’t bothered to learn English despite living in the UK for years) and maybe Shaw.

Shaw is a good shout, I’d say he’s a self absorbed prick

Juan is the obvious like. That’s a gimme. She is a great lass, and it’s interesting to hear what people are genuinely like beneath the veneer. Was it John major who said he always judged a character by how they treat the waiter?

Having another think about this, I bet the players she likes are all white and the players she dislikes are all black.


I don’t know tbh. I only know the names.
She is also a coloured lady, or whatever the politically correct phrase is FWIW.

No coincidence that about four managers have had issues with his attitude. A pity as he’s a very good player on his day.

Showing up constantly carrying excess weight sums him up. Out the door in the summer hopefully.

Mata is black

I know he’s Spanish.

Well said, obvious attempt to validate racism by associating opinion of bigoted disgruntled pr nobody.

Selling advertising and the like, I’d have to agree.

Somebody will take a chance on him (Crystal Palace / West Ham) but he’ll drain them of load of money and then disappear into the abyss

This is an awful attempt to drag @Fagan_ODowd back from the dead

What is dead shall never die.