A new low for Israel. How low can they go?

There were a lot of straight up lies and misinformation that could have been quite easily corrected, I thought.

So he thinks the Israeli savages were using the Superbowl as a cover for their latest massacre?

She has a script, whether you agree with it or not she won’t deviate from it. Nothing Dobbo asks either.

If he caught her out on something then she’s on first plane home & another robot replaces her.

No that’s not how it works at all. It is an interview, he is allowed challenge her or to point out facts to her.

But he did…… on numerous occasions but she played to her script ignoring his points

Did you listen to it at all?

Ok mate. All I said was I thought he left her off rather lightly. I still think that. You’re entitled to think whatever you want.


This fellow, Azhar Ali, has been silenced. But I think this is basically what happened.


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Only a man with an ego the size of Leo could make the genocide in Gaza about himself.

Thoughts with Leo and the ordinary Jewish people suffering unnecessarily at this time. Disappointing to see pot shots being taken again.

I’m not a fan of varadkar but I think his comments were fair. The headline is a bit of a twist on what he said. Opposition have been trying to make hay out of this - unspecific comments from bacik and cairns saying “do more” are pretty poor - he’s not wrong to point this out.

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Agree entirely

I follow a few different accounts reporting on the Israel / Hamas conflict.

It’s interesting how the pro Israel ones like OsintDefender always appear in my timeline but the tweets from Arya (pro Hamas) rarely do.


Hardly a surprise.

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Eggs are off the menu.



Fuck Biden and all who sail in her




Israeli government minister here. “The Jews”. Israel’s language.


This Israeli influencer is a medieval savage in L’Oreal