A new low for Israel. How low can they go?

This is world war 3 have no doubts

This a new development for sure. Back in say, 2003, the UN had real teeth when it acted decisively to successfully stop the invasion of Iraq. Countries used to live in fear of the UN, and the League Of Nations before it.

But now in 2024 we’re seeing that the UN doesn’t actually have much if any power, and all of us are suddenly flabbergasted, knocked right down with a feather.

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Can you make some predictions for the next 18 months. You are always ahead of the curve.

You’ll copy & paste at least 15000 more tweets?


Nothing will happen. The yanks will apologise for them, and they’ll carry on doing what they like. Thoughts and prayers etc.

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I don’t know but I expect Israeli society will turn in on itself anyway and devour itself in a culture war. It will become more paranoid as a society than it ever was before. Conspiracy theories and self loathing will abound there in a similar way to what has happened to right wing America.

Nothing good will happen in the rest of the world. Western societies are choosing to talk themselves into their own oblivion in a mass orgy of navel gazing, paranoia and fear towards people who look different, and rejection of reality. Those who talk most about morals are those who are most morally bankrupt. Real enemies are dismissed as non-threats, while invented enemies are made into fake bogeymen. The right wing extremists will continue to thrive and cannibalise their own societies because that’s what they do. Mass cynicism creates the conditions for fascism. Fascism in the west equals the global triumph of fascism, totalitarianism and rampant criminality and ever greater wealth inequality. Trump, Musk, Netanyahu, Putin, Xi, Kim, Iran, and the Saudis are all in agreement that they want an unfree, choreographed world ruled by criminal kleptocrat megalomaniacs like them, a world in which ordinary people are condemned to serfdom.

There’s nothing good on the horizon.


Fair play to Barry Andrews for calling out Ursula’s silence.

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Israel’s propaganda strategy explained in 55 seconds

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FYI @farmerinthecity

I think I only pointed out that October 7th was horrific and needed to be called out as such.

What’s going on now is off the charts. From previously being a fan of Biden, his behaviour around this is shockingly weak.

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Not trying to have a go at you on this, but put this in the context of the short video above. @tallback had a few posts along the same lines I recall.

There was a clip from some Israeli minister on the radio this morning and I genuinely thought it was a piss take at the start.

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This hardly needs to be said and probably pointed out before but:

After Israel’s lies about the killing of babies have been completely disproven, Israel has killed and is killing babies by the score and children by the thousands.

In addition, while no one says that no rapes happened on Oct 7, Israel’s lies that there was systematic rape as a weapon of war on Oct 7 have also been debunked. Meantime, Israel commits continual sexual and gender based violence in Gaza and the west bank, including against prisoners.

Israeli propaganda has been successful in seeing the media adopt the convention “the Hamas run Health Ministry says…” A little indicator to suggest the figures aren’t true or aren’t accurate. The UN asknowledges and even Israel has accepted in the past that the Gazan health ministry’s figures for casualties in conflict have been accurate. The formulation in reporting should really change to indicate that Israel consistently lies and spreads misinformation, “Israel claims” instead of Israel says.

It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. They shouldn’t be let spout blatant lies. I said as much about the Israeli ambassador on rte news a while back but @carryharry said she should be allowed convey her side. There’s a difference between being allowed give your side of the story and being allowed spread blatant lies, the latter has been acceptable and many people swallow it.


Sure they’ve a good handful of ministers and attorneys general recently who’ve openly tried to breach international law on Brexit and on asylum, it’s the norm for them.

I’m not sure what your issue is here.

Are you supporting Hamas? Or perhaps not condemning them?

My point is Israel has you conditioned to respond to any criticism of Israel with “but you didn’t condemn hamas you are supporting terrorism.” Watch the video again, it’s pretty clear.

In my head anyway, criticising Hamas does not equate at all to supporting Israel.

Hamas’s ambitions disgust me.

But what disgusts me even more are the actions of Israel both at the moment and down the years. And even more than that the way they can constantly get away with it.