Abortion Referendum Thread


Home schools her four children as well. Trust is a big issue for Maria…


I suspect the word “control” is as important as “trust”


its always personal with you, isent it big mouth?


Good article here on the hidden hand of the church agenda in this debate. I suspect there are very few families that don’t have there various skeletons rattling in the cupboards, particularly given the outpouring of stories over the last couple of months. However, many seem to want to continue to keep up appearances and hide problems. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.


I’m not sure that many will take lectures on morality from you.


another Yes campaigner making it personal. what is it with you people?


Agree with other posters here, I think it will be close. I didn’t see the debate the other night, I might catch it on the player. The turnout will be a large factor and I would expect that similar to the Marriage referendum, it will be high. I know a number of people who are living abroad that are coming home specifically to vote which is not news in itself but I think it will encourage people who are apathetic about voting to make an effort


And you’re for the murder of babies. Never forget that.


This is a typical line that is rolled out by the ‘no’ side.

A blanket wide statement with absolute no context given to an issue which needs context.

And the thing about it is that it is very hard for any reasonable person not to be hit by the forceful nature of it. And this is why I think the ‘no’ side will win.

It’s actually shameful carry-on. Go tell a girl who aborts a baby after being raped that she is a murderer.

I don’t know why I responded but sometimes I can’t stop myself.


This is a reality.

I’ll repeat again, a reality.

Why are you justifying the murder of healthy babies of healthy mothers and using rape victims as a vehicle to do so. The referendum is not for rape victims, if it was solely for that then maybe some people could accept that.


Outrageous bullshit from a clown that doesn’t even vote.


Because it is justified that a raped girl can abort her baby. In fact it is abhorrent that any legal system would penalise such an event.

You’re the person deliberately giving the lack of context - not me.


The yes side rolls out the rape victim shield with even more regularity. And ignores any question of abortion of healthy children/social abortion as it was termed the last night.


It is justified. Could such a victim not say she was suicidal and that be grounds enough under the current system.


Rape victim shield?!

It’s a fucking valid point you prick.


Appalling comment.


More fantastic reasoned yes side response! It seems to be the only card the yes side has, a 12 year old rape victim, and its played over and over


And that is not what a referendum is about.

What about the thousands of healthy babies of healthy mothers that will be murdered ever year because people will not face the consequences of their actions. Will you role out rape victims to justify the murder of these healthy babies?


Oh so let the ‘victim’ make up she was going to top herself and she can fuck off to England out of sight and keep everything the same and nice and hypocritical.



That’s because it has happened loads of times.

You obviously seem comfortable forcing these children to give birth.