Abortion Referendum Thread


You have the mind of a child


Fuck the babies so? They don’t deserve to live, is it?


And you seem comfortable killing babies.


You’re at it again with your blanket comments. It’s not as straightforward as that and you know it.


Might be a valid point if I hadn’t wrote, about four posts up above, that I think the absolute opposite. But if pretending I wrote something is all you have.

You obviously seem comfortable with fully healthy babies four months into pregnancy being killed


You’re the one with blanket comments you clown. You justify abortion by wheeling out rape victims. You ignore the fact, and you do it in a callous manner, that healthy babies of healthy mothers will be murdered because people are not willing to face the consequences of their actions. They take the selfish decision to terminate their babies. It’s abhorrent and barbaric.


the yes campaigners cannot discuss this withiout resorting to personal abuse everytime.

they do keep pulling on the ‘12 year old rape victim’ card but the reality is if they were really concerned about 12 year old rape victims they would have demanded legislation to ensure they were looked after.
they didnt though, and if the appeal of the 8th fails then the 12 year old rape victim will have to struggle on just like before, and the Yes campaign which is about ‘choice’ and nothing else will be responsible for that.


You’re the guy who sings songs about kids getting blown up on boats and in Warrington. You mock people with Down’s syndrome and children born with HIV. You supported the abduction and execution of a mother of 10.

These are the facts for you. So stop pretending you give 2 fucks about the unborn.


I don’t and once again you are attempting to muddy the waters with lies and deflection from the topic at hand.


very few would be, but the Yes campaign lumped them in with the rights of perfectly healthy women who dont need an abortion to give them the entitlement of an abortion.
that was a mistake. its wrong of Yes campaigners to be using 12 year old rape victims in this campaign, because they have treated 12 year old rape victims appalingly.


Whatever valid point you made in your head was undone by the rape victim shield comment.

Rape victims are not shields, they are real people with crisis pregnancies that need to be addressed here, not shunted on a Ryanair flight.


The audit trail doesn’t lie about you.

You are a repugnant individual.


Well then why oh why didn’t the yes side push for legislation that helped them and other ‘hard cases’ instead of blanket abortion just so we can stop looking backward at dinner parties in Brussels.

Stop hiding behind these rape victims when the chance to help them was passed over, any such legislation would have romped home

Plus I see you are ignoring commenting on healthy abortions, the yes side way of debating it seems.


Yes campaigners are not using rape victims, rape victims are facts of every day life in Ireland and their situations need to be legislated for.


It doesn’t and it says you want to justify the murder of innocent babies with a campaign of scurrilous lies.


where is the proposal to specifically legislate for them?


Hiding behind rape victims?? Deary me, have a sit down and think about the rubbish you are posting. I’d expect it from the other 2.

What do you suggest we do with 12 year old rape victims so? Do you think keeping the status quo is compassionate or feasible?


You want the murder of healthy unborn babies to become a part of everyday life.


The only one who justified the murder of kids was you when you chortled at the kids killed in Warrington and on Mountbatten’s boat.

You’ve also justified Mickey Harte giving a character reference to a rapist.


Would you like that on your permanent medical records if it wasnt true?