Abortion Referendum Thread


Another lie, you refuse to address your want to murder unborn babies. You flat out refuse to discuss the subject matter, abortion, the murder of an unborn baby.


Even though you refuse to answer my questions and I’ve already answered this I’ll answer you again.

The yes side are constantly introducing theoretical (of course there are many real cases too) 12 year old rape victims as justification for appeal, watch any debate. If these victims are distraught, mentally destroyed and do not want to see their pregnancies through they should of course be allowed have abortions (arguably the legal framework exists now where they can)

But aside from rape victims, do you think perfectly healthy pregnancies should be ended four months into term? I answered your question…


I don’t support anyone being murdered. Hope that clears it up for you.


That’s a bigger problem with Irish society, by that rationale no one should ever admit being suicidal because that will go on your permanent record


Whats the law in Canada and how did it affect your day to day life over there?


If you were suicidal then it is perfectly acceptable that it be put on your record as a guide for future treatment.


The law is its legal and it didn’t affect my day to day life (bizarre personal comment that has no relevance to the Irish debate)


Noted with thanks.


Yes, but you think that it should be stigmatised? Why would you question whether someone would want to see it on their health record?


Yet you’re voting to legalise the murder of healthy babies of healthy mothers in this state.


No I’m not. You seem to be massively confused about what this referendum is about, I’m glad you are not voting.


You are. You don’t seem to know what you’re voting on.


I know exactly what I’m voting for.


Because it may affect your future medical treatment. Nothing whatsoever to do with stigmatising it


Or it might not, different doctor, understanding doctor etc


You haven’t a notion. You won’t even discuss the healthy babies of healthy mothers who will not get the chance to live because their mother is too self centred to take responsibility of the consequences of her actions.


You haven’t a clue. Take responsibility of your own actions and stop being a cunt for a while.


You see. You blank the actual merits of the discussion out. All you can is deflect and muddy the waters.


There is no merit in discussing anything with you as you are a hypocritical loudmouth.


I’m glad you have confirmed that you think unborn babies hold no merit in an abortion debate. You’ve showed your true colours now.