Abortion Referendum Thread


See, there you go imagining stuff.


@maroonandwhite Cases of rape and incest are the whole reason for the 12 week strand of the permissible terminations. There is no other way that these women can be assisted. None. This is the clear majority conclusion reached by the Oireachtas Committee and the Constitutional Convention. You can’t wait for a criminal process to take place to prove the rape as it would take far too long, and any inquisitive process to green light on the grounds of rape would be seriously psychologically damaging on the victim.

They are the reason for the blanket 12 week proposal. Any other non-rape victims are already travelling to England and ordering the pills online (an incredibly dangerous thing when unsupervised).Right to abortion access is already enshrined in the Constitution. Why can’t we facilitate them in our own country?


I’m not imagining it. You have flat out refused to discuss the merit of unborn babies in the abortion debate. You can wheel out rape victims, Mickey Harte, the church, you can muddy the waters with outright lies about me.

Yet you can’t discuss the fate of the unborn babies.


Oooftt, that’s a hammer blow


Not really having a go, just pointing it out. I’m sure people will listen to your views on hurling or a bit of slagging back on forth etc. On matters of morality not so much though


I’ve backed up everything I’ve said about you with direct quotes. I know you are an extremely narcissistic loner who thinks everything on here is about you, but this thread is not.

So stop spamming the thread with your incessant drivel.


The starting point for every medical treatment is your medical history. Of course you could explain what happened but 1. Why the fuck should you have to and 2. They may not believe you

You’re essentially proposing the most Irish solution to a problem ever. Instead of dealing with a very traumatic incident in the same manner it is dealt with all over the western world you go in and try to convince one or more doctors your suicidal.

Thats not very fair to ask women to do this is it


You have not discussed the fundamental aspects of the debate at all. You flat out refuse to and in turn you engage in a campaign of lies and deflection.


Amazing that you don’t enjoy this style of debating…


You don’t engage in anything worthwhile. You just shriek about baby murder, irresponsible mothers and people who have sex.

You cap all of this nonsense off by revealing you don’t even vote. You’re a waste of space.


I don’t know. I don’t recall any debate on the need for a referendum. I am not comfortable with the concept of having a referendum on equal rights for a category of people. We shouldn’t be so self congratulatory about it.


I assume the advice was that a referendum was required . As I understand marriage was defined in the constitution .


i think you are completely irrational and unable to accept differing views, here is your contribution to this thread over the past 24 hours.
get some fresh air.


Good posts, most were directed at you and Totti.


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you are an intolerant individual with a big mouth, keep up the great work between now and the 25th please.


Nothing about a man and a woman in the Constitution. It would have been challenged in the courts of course but they could have have circumvented that by President referring the legislation. I think they went for a referendum as they didn’t want to be responsible for the change.



The irony metre just exploded there.


Nice to see all of @Matty_Hislop’s posts in one place. Clear consistent and reasonable contributions.


It was nice of him to collate it all for me.