Abortion Referendum Thread


Irish people would want to be extremely callous to try prevent someone travelling to do what they see fit. But at the same time people are entitled to be morally opposed to something they don’t agree with being legally allowed in the country. I know you can’t see this dichotomy.


But it is legal to access abortions. Just not here. Why would you want to keep that regime when all it does is enforce more hardship on an already agonising and deeply personal decision? Do you think women should be prevented from traveling?

Any system that requires rape victims to assert their case is reprehensible and completely unworkable, if you can’t get this point I don’t know what to tell you.


No, and I’ve never said that. You making an argument on my behalf is pathetic.


I can see it, I just think it is utterly ridiculous. It flies in the face of love both or being against abortion. “I dont want abortion here, but you can do it over there”. It makes zero sense to me. And I have absolutely no issues with people being morally against abortion. But they are morally against it but dont have an issue with it if it is done elsewhere.


Jesus Christ Almighty.

Does the unborn baby cone into consideration whatsoever in your blinkered view?


They do have an issue with it done elsewhere but not to the extent that people should be prevented travel. I really don’t think you understand what I’m saying here. Clare Daly, a member of parliament remember, favours full term abortions. I don’t agree with that, I do agree with hard cases being catered for. Won’t be easy but it isn’t doable without letting the Dalys of this world run riot.


I’m not making an argument on your behalf, I’m asking you a question.

The contradiction here is you being okay with Irish women making the choice to travel and thereby access abortions but rejecting any proposal which allows them have access to a (more restrictive) framework for abortions in their own countries. It really is the worst kind of mealy-mouthed, head in the sand NIMBYism.


So would you not agree that we should repeal the 8th due to it’s unsuitability for constitutional law and then trust the democratic will of the peoples representatives to make laws for both hard cases and all cases and adjust as required?

This referendum is doing nothing but removing an amendment. The gov have proposed legislation but that’s what it is, a proposal.

The constitution is no place for this sort of nuanced decision-making


No, I do understand. I just think it is ridiculous. And its not meant as a slight on you, but more so the people who voted in the 13th amendment but vote against this one. I’d acknowledge a more rigid and unnerving viewpoint more to be honest.

Full term abortions wont get in here. There is already too much shite about 12 weeks, a loon like Daly wouldnt get anywhere near enough support for that, nor would the general public support it. But, as I posted above, even if it did, 0.001% of abortions after 25 weeks, most likely those are due to serious complications to either the baby or mother. And usually after 25 weeks a baby isnt aborted, but delivered. A woman doesnt carry a child for 25 weeks to then abort it for no good reason.


Why do you keep bringing this up. It’s irrelevant to what is being proposed. It’s akin to the opponents of gay marriage using David Norris’s comments on ancient Greek homosexual activity as a reason to vote against the referendum. This slippery slope scaremongering has been used in all these debates across Europe, and the table of gestational limits shows these fears are groundless. How do you think a government would get on trying to expand the proposed regime, given how desperately divisive bringing even that in has been?


I think that’s a bit harsh.

Its her view and she articulates it well. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I am sure she would accept that.

Unlike faux morally outraged prostitute using Church going vermin that are on the no side.


I mean in general. I also dont agree with it but wouldnt be the only reason for being a loon.


Do you think unborn children have no right to live?


She’s a protest politician. Nothing she says is every going to happen in a democratic government of coalition but I don’t think that having a protest voice is any harm at all.


Well then why didn’t they propose legislation just to deal with the hard cases?


If people want to do that, thats their choice, im not going to block them from doing it. Lots of my friends are pro repeal and abortion, im not gonna fall out with them.but theres a difference in that and not approving of it, certainly being legal in ireland.


I’ve answered all questions here, no one has answered mine.

A healthy unborn baby, four months into pregnancy, should that baby be allowed to be aborted? Any of ye man enough to answer that?

I dont want to hear what percentage of babies are aborted within 12 weeks etc and asking me about Canadian law, or cicero bout mickey harte, is not debating like adults lads,all entirely irrelevant


If the pregnancy poses a risk to the life or health of the mother, then yes


Ok further clarification needed, unnecessarily, no risk to mother


I’m unsure what you’re asking there