Abortion Referendum Thread


I know that. Im saying there should be. Kinda going around in circles here.


You’re not really saying that if you want victims of rape to have access to abortion in Ireland


One of many laws.

In the past 5 years, there have been 31 total domestic adoptions in Ireland (ie Irish babies adopted by Irish parents). So on average, 6 per year get adopted.


Referencing Clare Daly is a spurious argument and lessens you. It’s like me referencing Ronan Mullen. Both are extremes in lots of ways and there is little suggestion that they can bring the majority of our legislature to their view.

I’m not particularly concerned that we’ll be turned into a socialist experiment with massive corporate taxes etc just because Clare Daly is in the Dail - I think you can apply similarly to things like abortion.

The mainstream parties are a much more appropriate place to get a sense of what is likely.


That a whole different can of worms. If the repeal is rejected i hope future better legislation addresses that. Shameful. And am… All the more reason not to trust the farmers and teachers in the irish legislature??


That surprises me, thought it would be much higher. How many kids were given up for adoption?


@Cicero_Dandi, very serious question:- if you honestly think that Repealing the 8th will lead to the murder of completely innocent babies, how can you possibly, possibly justify not voting? You are going to sit back and watch what you view to be a mass genocide occur all around you and you’re not going to lift a single finger to stop it? How can you possibly consider yourself a Christian? Surely you have a Christian duty under either Catholic or Protestant moral thinking to do something to try and stop that? How can you look at yourself in the mirror each day and say “I did nothing.”? You’re damned surely?


You don’t seem to understand that the legislature can only legislate according to the constitution. Keeping the 8th means a zygote/embryo/fetus has the same right to life as it’s mother. The 8th simply has to go, it’s an abomination.


Yes it should be.


Its a balancing of rights. Repeal means the unborn has no rights or protection u der the constitution.


legislation address the marriage adoption thing? maybe so. I doubt that a married couple who do not want a child would want to bring a child to term though.

@Matty_Hislop I havent a clue about how many children were put up for adoption. That is for babies only, it doesnt include step parents or adoption after foster care, which are both separate to the discussion of putting babies up for adoption instead of abortion. I was surprised when I heard the number too, but it is there.


He’s not an irish citizen.



Bullshit he’s from Tyrone. He could easily sort it out if he really cared about innocent babies.


You do realise that the reason that well-considered legislation can’t be brought in or easily changed around this whole area is because of the 8th amendment which was specifically inserted by Catholic hardliners to prevent nuance.

You also appreciate that the same main No campaigners i.e. Iona, Maria Steen, Ronan Mullen etc etc fervently opposed any limited legislation clarifying when abortion could be introduced that was introduced around the time of Savita.


I’m always amused at the No side trotting out this line.

Why do they differentiate between “perfectly healthy” pregnancies and pregnancies in which the foetus has a disability?

Remember, they claim that the life of a one hour old foetus is equal to that of the mother, but their rhetoric proves they place less value on the life of a disabled foetus than a healthy one.

The absolute desperation in their arguments is plain to see - they’re now openly talking about making concessions to allow aborton in “exceptions”, a move which would demolish the 8th Amendment itself, which is what they claim to want to retain!


If you believe abortion should be allowed in “exceptions” such as rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormality, you are thus firmly pro-repeal.

There is no way around this for you.


It doesn’t protect the unborn though. Any Irish girl/woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy does so, and there is nothing in the legislature to prevent her doing so. It’s a ridiculous unworkable amendment pushed by the Catholic church, a case of putting something into the constitution because “I want it”.


It’s a simple case of out of sight out of mind for the pro life side. In reality what difference does it make if an Irish woman has an abortion in Dublin or Liverpool. Absolutely none. The aboetion still happens. Somehow the pro life side feel it reflects on them in some way if it was to happen here though. It’s fascinating.


It’s the fact they want control over others in their own heads, like the good old days (when fallen women could be herded into concentration camps). They really miss the good old days.


The No side are utter cowards. Abortion happens here already. Over a thousand Irish women self-administer abortions using pills every year.

The vast majority of these abortions will be safe, but if something goes wrong, as it can do without proper medical guidance, the No side are happy to place such women in a nightmarish dilemma between i) presenting at a hospital to seek medical help and possibly being reported by a member of staff, which could result in 14 years in prison, and ii) not seeking medical help and suffering grave health consequences as a result.

The No side believe it’s perfectly fine to abandon these women and treat them as acceptable collateral damage so that they can maintain their La La land delusion that abortion doesnt happen in Ireland.

No supporters are NOT living in anything resembling the real world.